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Admission, Retention, & Financial Aid Committee

The Committee reviews the admissions and financial aid policies and practices of the University.

The Committee shall review the policies and practices concerning the admissions, retention, and financial aid of the University. It shall also recommend change in these policies and practices when, in the Committee's judgment, change is deemed appropriate or necessary. Additionally, the Committee will collaborate with administration in developing and assessing University-wide admission and retention strategies in enrollment management to work towards the University's goals in budgeting, discounting, and enrollment numbers. The Committee will deliver a report on admission yield, discount rate, retention and transfer numbers data as well as provide an update on recent past changes (less than 2 years) in policies and procedures to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee during the Fall semester of each academic year.

The committee’s broad-based membership shall consist of six members of the Faculty of Instruction appointed to two-year terms, three students appointed by the Student Senate, and six ex-officio members consisting of the following: the Director of Financial Aid, the Dean of Admission, the Deputy Provost, Associate Provost for Academic Excellence & Student Success, the Dean of Students, and one member representing the Council of Associate/Assistant Deans. The Chair is appointed by the Executive Committee from among the faculty members. Only the six faculty members will be voting members for any proposals that will need confirmation from the Executive Committee. (revised 2019)


Name Unit Term of Service Expires
Chris Porter AS May 2023  
Sean Severe CBPA May 2023  
Wade Leuwerke SOE May 2023  
Nora Stelter CPHS May 2024  
Kelly Bruhn SJMC May 2024  
Nate Newman CPHS May 2024  
Maddie Haun Student Senate May 2023  
Vacant Student Senate May 2023  
Lauren McCarthy CAAD    
Hannay Clayborne Dean of Students    
Melissa Sturm-Smith Associate Provost    
Ryan Zantingh Director of Financial Aid    
Anne Kremer Dean of Admission    

Note: Regular Faculty Senate meetings will be held via Zoom for academic year 2022 – 2023.