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Change of Enrollment for Compressed Courses

Title IV regulations define any course that exists within a semester but does not span the entire semester as a compressed course (i.e. weekend, evening, and online courses).  If a student is not enrolled in any non-compressed courses, that student is considered to be enrolled in modules. For Return of Title IV Funds purposes, the rules defining "withdrawals" are different for students who are enrolled in modules. 

Students who are enrolled in modules and who withdraw or drop a course are considered withdrawn for financial aid purposes, unless:

  1. The student is currently enrolled and attending other course(s) at Drake University, or
  2. The student is registered for and plans to attend a course that begins later in the semester, or
  3. The student earned credits (with passing grades) for course(s) that comprise at least 49% of the semester, or
  4. The student earned credits (with passing grades) that equal or exceed the credits required to be enrolled on at least a half-time status, or
  5. the student has completed all graduation requirements
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