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It’s always a joy to gather for the Francis Marion Drake Society dinner. In the absence of being together in person, please sign our virtual guestbook with your greetings, a toast to Drake, or a message of encouragement to the Bulldog community.

Please note: Submissions can take up to 30 minutes to appear on the page. Please contact Cathy Williams, assistant director of signature programs, with questions at

Guest Submissions

John Amato

Thank you for the chance to offer my kudos for a terrific way to "say" thanks toy PC members! Well done!

Becca R. Widmer

While many schools talk about transformative experiences and community commitment, Drake University is turning talk into reality. The bold vision, leadership, guidance, and action being taken across all areas of campus is inspiring and heartening. The fact that all of it is empowered by the generosity of a Drake community that believes so strongly in this mission and vision is breathtaking. Thank you to everyone supporting this extraordinary institution and the outstanding students who study here. Go Bulldogs!

Jill Jensen-Welch

Nicely done! It's so heart warming to continue to be part of the Drake Community.

Tim and Liz Tesar

Drake is such a special place for our family. We are so proud to see this virtual celebration take place in these challenging times. Go Bulldogs!

Kayleigh Koester

Watching campus updates like these remind me of why I am so proud to be a Bulldog. Drake has navigated the unique challenges of 2020 with their characteristic commitment to students and the community at the center. Thank you for this opportunity to get a glimpse into campus life!

Kourtney Kirkpatrick

What a fun way to engage donors! I miss my Drake fam dearly. Keep up the great work!! XO KK

Lowell Plavec

Fun & simple way to express give and take of appreciation for our Drake experience

Mark Jarrett

It is nice to see that Drake continues to be a bright spot in Des Moines, even while there is a pandemic.

Martha Capps

Well done! I'm always impressed with the students and their poise and professionalism. So proud to be part of the Drake family.

Kelly and Michael Schnackenberg

So happy to see the updates and hear from students and faculty about the exciting changes happening at Drake!

Tammi Blackstone

It's so great to see all the amazing new things happening on campus, even though we can't be together this year. Cheers to better days ahead!

Darren Henson

Thrilled to take part here virtually and to see the inspiring work of the students, faculty & leadership! The generosity of so many here on these pages makes the heart swell. And hats off to tenacity of the administrators and leaders finding creative solutions to these difficult times, so students can have the education for our future! My gratitude to all.

Liz Tesar

Congratulations! Thank you for putting this together. It's so nice to see all the amazing things Drake continues to do to transform students - especially during such a challenging time. Keep up the great work!

Sarah Swan Kleeberger

I enjoyed watching this video. It's especially energizing to see current students and learn more about Drake's relevant, important priorities. Go Bulldogs!

Michael J Bates

Well done! Proud to be a Bulldog!

Jeff and Liz Hatfield

Drake University has always been near and dear to our hearts. Thanks for reaching out!

Peggy Fisher

I've never been more proud to be a part of Drake University. Thank you to everyone who supports our extraordinary University. It's great to be a Bulldog!

Cindy Brand Sale

Enjoyed seeing all the changes and progress being made at Drake. Proud to be a Bulldog!

Drew Engebrecht

What a wonderful way to celebrate and show off all of the amazing things happening on and around campus. Proud to be a Bulldog!

Greg Johansen

Thank you for this presentation. While missing getting together, this was a good way to bring us together for a shared experience. I am proud to be a Bulldog!

Elliott Woodbury '67, Maine

Meet the challenges of our times, on campus and afar! GO Drake!!

Ken Gerdes

While many Universities ships are tilting, Drake University’s ship is upprite and sailing smoothly

Kim White

Wow! So good to see and hear about all the good things happening at Drake. Especially proud of the students (staff did a nice job, too)! Thanks for putting this together-

Kenneth Kauffman - 1960

Best wishes to all . . .

Joan Middleton

So proud to be a part of this forward looking University!

Michael & Missy Wolnerman

As a Drake Alum, it is wonderful to see MY friends kids attending Drake now.

Ron & Linda Snow

Drake has played such an important part of who we are today. We are happy to provide support so others can have the same experiences we had at Drake and beyond. Go Bulldogs!

Ted Thoms

The pandemic has caused a great deal of uncertainty, unrest, and challenges. I am proud to see how the whole Drake community has handled the circumstance. It is a testament to the hard work, foresight, and pragmatism of its leadership, faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Proud to be a Bulldog!

Susan Stocum

Proud to be a Bulldog and can’t wait until we can all gather again safely!

Shelly Sayler Soorholtz

Thank you for the kind words and update! Happy to see the University adapting and continuing to move forward!! Looking forward to 2021!

Susan Breakenridge

I continue to be proud of my Drake roots and am glad I am able to give back.

Glen Hall

I do miss not being able to see and talk to you all in person at the FMDS celebration. However, the video was great and I appreciate the update on all things Drake. Go Bulldogs!

Michael Hill

Thank you for the virtual presentation. Very proud to be a Drake alumnus.

Barbara Minner Ford

Great to stay connected to an amazing University - especially during challenging times.

Carl Pietrzak

Nice presentation. 60 years ago I was a senior, and I remember my days on campus fondly. Drake's growth in all these decades just increases my pride in being a Bulldog.

Paul Schickler

It is wonderful to see all the of the progress and success captured in very well done "Toast" video. Let's continue to move towards that grand future. Go Bulldogs!

Kelly Caldbeck

Koudos to the Drake family and community for their hard work and for staying the course during a difficult time. Always proud to be a Bulldog!

Russell Meals Jr.

Thank you for all the opportunities you create for us give to others to succeed, cheers.

Robert & Lisa Kropp


Nate Reagen

This site represents such great work, energy, and enthusiasm from so many in our Drake community. All in gratitude to the many generous donors. Go Bulldogs!

Amelia Klatt

What a wonderful way to recognize the work of the University and share information with donors. The students are truly amazing. Lucky to be part of Drake!

Tracy Beck

Thank you for this inspiring and hope-filled video!

Ann K. McGowan

It's wonderful to see what is going on. I've avoided the area with the construction affecting the streets, so it great to see what's been happening. Awesome video!

Rich & Rose Anderson

Love seeing how Drake continues to innovate and move forward. And always fun to catch glimpses of campus. Go Bulldogs!

Kristin Abler Lay Schaefer

Thanks for the amazing update. Go Bulldogs!

Deni Druehl Naumann

Thank you for the virtual FMDS celebration - well-done! So proud to be a Bulldog!

Sarah & Tom Florian

Cheers to you, Drake University. You continue to lead in a transformative way. Grateful to the Drake students, faculty, staff, and community for their collective work in navigating this unique and challenging year.

Buffy Higgins-Beard

As always Drake is leading the way. This was a timely update and I really appreciated the tour around campus as well as hearing from so many voices. Well done!