Faculty Senate

Minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting               May 3, 2006


The regular meeting of the 2005-2006 Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by President Matt Esposito.  The following senators were present for all or part of the meeting. Alexander, Bartschat, Cairns, Courard-Hauri, Dore, Esposito, Freeman-Miller, Gilbert, Gillespie, Larson, Lyons, Martin, Morrow, Nelson, Pandit, Reed, Sanders, Simpson, Wade

Absent: Reincke, Tice


The April 2006 minutes were accepted.


President Maxwell was not present due to being out of town on University business.


Report from Provost Troyer

--The Provost thanked the faculty who had participated in the three Board of Trustee meetings.  He believed that having themes had gone well.

--In conjunction with Sue Wright, Associate Provost, he distributed a summary of salary ratings.  This is an overall measure of progress measured against the AAUP levels.  It was noted that compensation includes both benefits and salary.  Ms Wright reviewed Drake’s overall peer institution comparison levels.  The Provost indicated that a campus wide forum will be held in the fall to present more data and information.  Provost Troyer requested that questions be sent to himself or Ms. Wright concerning the data.

-- The Athletic Director Search Committee, chaired by Art Sanders, will bring three candidates to campus next week.  The Senate Executive Committee has received an invite to a forum during each visit.  Senators are welcome to attend any of the late afternoon sessions.


Report from President Esposito

--President Esposito reported that the Student Senate Campus Advancement Committee thanked the Senate for their support of the efforts to increase student/faculty interaction.

--He urged faculty to attend the upcoming candidate forums.


Unfinished Business – none presented


New Business

Senators Sanders moved and Gillespie second Motion 06-15

To extend through the 06-07 academic year the Academic Calendar Task Force


Senator Bartschat asked if the extension was for the full year. The reply was yes.  There was concern that an earlier deadline would be better.  After a brief discussion, a friendly amendment was offered and accepted to have the Task Force report by February 2007.

With a voice vote, the motion passed as amended.


Senators Simpson moved and Sanders seconded Motion 06-16

Motion to Accept the Academic Charter updates


Senator Pandit was concerned about item four as it could be an individual vs a title of a position. It was noted that Drake no longer has the position of Registrar.

Senator Tice noted on item eight there were not specifics listed and if there is a yes vote, then we are saying yes to items which are not specifically known to the body.

With a voice vote, the motion passed.


Senators Gilbert moved and Reincke seconded Motion 06-17

That during the summer and fall 2006, the presidents of the All Staff council, Faculty Senate, and Student Senate (or their designees from the group’s executive committee) will work together to consider the ways in which the groups’ committee structures can coordinate their efforts


Senator Gilbert stated that he believed this to be non-controversial.

With a voice vote, the motion passed.


Senators Simpson moved and Sanders seconded Motion 06-18

Motion to Establish a Campus Council with equal representation Drake University students, faculty, and staff (selected by the Student Senate, Faculty Senate, and All Staff Council, respectively) to serve as a sounding board and a campus-wide advisor/coordinator.  The Council is designed to:

Provide an opportunity to various committees and groups to obtain a university perspective on issues that those committees and groups are trying to address; and,

Provide a coordinated effort to address issues that will impact the entire University.


Senator Gilbert indicated he is opposed to this motion.  He is in favor of the Presidents cooperating and collaborating but is concerned about the extension of committees, working groups and advisory units.


Senator Simpson, a member of the task force, indicated that they were very sensitive to the issue of participation.  The concern was that there is not cooperation among the three bodies.  The All Staff Council and Student Senate have supported this.  The point is to not have the groups second guessing what each other does.  The issues to be addressed are those which have university wide impact.  The task force members were in full support of the motion.

Senator Tice asked how this body would be different from existing committees.  Senator Simpson replied that this utilizes the representatives of existing bodies to work upfront on issues.  There was not a list of exact issues created, but many issues have value to be considered with a university wide perspective.


Senator Reincke indicated that she did not have a sense of what staff or students think about an issue.  This would be a regular forum to hear what those groups are thinking.


Senator Bartschat indicated he had considered the points presented by Senator Gilbert via email seriously.  It did make him wonder if this Council is really necessary.  Would simply encouraging communication be enough rather than force communication.  This might cause delays on issues. Senator Tice indicated he was willing to give the idea a shot, perhaps setting also a sunset for the group, if it is not working.  He was interested in a formal procedure set out for that process.


Senator Gillespie wondered if this is worth a two year pilot.  Senator Alexander countered with a one year suggestion.  Senator Cairns reminded the group about IPRC was an all university committee.  He did not think this will work.  Senator Reincke indicated she saw that group as different.  It’s purpose came out of Program Review.  She felt that as faculty we are dragging out feet on cooperating.


The Senate desired that the minutes reflect there was interest in having the Faculty Representative be an elected representative.


Senator Tice moved and Simpson seconded an amendment:

The Council’s continuance to be reviewed after two years.


There was discussion as to whether two years was too long and it was noted that in any one year it is possible that no university wide issues may arise. 

With a show of hands vote, the amendment passed.  (yea 10, no 7)

With a show of hands vote, the motion as amended passed. (yea 14, no 4)


Senators Alexander moved and Sanders seconded Motion 06-19

To Approve of the Achieving Mission Learning Outcomes through the Drake Curriculum 


President Esposito announced the results of the faculty survey.  The question posed was:

Do you support the revisions to the Drake Curriculum as proposed in the document Achieving Mission Learning Outcomes?  16 respondents indicated Yes, 16 respondents indicated No and 7 respondents indicated No Opinion.  Senator Lyons commented that this is a very distinct division of those who took the time to respond.  She noted this is a larger issue for the interdisplinary programs and the faculty may be tuned into their traditional major requirements.


Senator Gillespie asked that if the vote was no, then what happens to the SIP monies which have allocated.  Provost Troyer indicated that in the case of a no vote, then the money would not be spent.  Senator Dore asked if there was any precedent for a full faculty vote and if that would be appropriate.  Senator Sanders indicated he was against a faculty vote.  He did not think that it would give a sense of what the faculty wanted.  He continued that this is an evolving document and that it should not be put off.  He further noted that the Faculty Senate took action without a faculty vote to create the Honors Track of the Drake Curriculum.


There were several comments which indicated Senators were in favor of taking care of the motion now, but concerns were voiced that this may require new unavailable resources especially in the smaller staffed programs. Likewise there was sentiment that if this good project waited for all the resources to be in place, then as with many good projects it would not ever get started.


Provost Troyer indicated that Drake is putting resources into the self study which will end next year. He urged the Senate to look at this proposal in a whole Drake Curriculum sense.


Senator Bartschat indicated his support for the Provost and the current administration’s initiatives.


Senator Courard-Harudi noted his did like the proposal.  President Esposito clarified that is it hard to vote on a curricular proposal with funding for only one year, but we must get it started.  We are building on existing courses.  Senator Gilbert remembered that at the forum there was talk of being flexible. He sees this as a basic framework from which to work from and he was in favor of the spirit of innovation.  He called for the implementation piece to stress communication.


On a voice vote, the motion passed


The assembly thanked President Esposito for his service.



The Senate adjourned the regular session at 4:45 p.m. 

Secretary, Nancy Geiger