Faculty Senate 2006-2007

Institutional Review Board (at least five members, three-year terms)

This Committee is responsible for reviewing all research proposals involving human subjects in order to protect and assure the rights of research subjects as defined by ethical considerations and government guidelines. Members should have the professional competence necessary to review specific research activities. The Committee will have at least one member whose primary concerns are in scientific areas and at least one member whose primary concerns are in nonscientific areas. Membership should also include persons knowledgeable to evaluate proposed research in terms of institutional commitments and regulations, applicable law, and standards of professional competence and practice. The Committee must also have at least one member who is not otherwise affiliated with the institution and who is also not part of the immediate family of anyone affiliated with the institution.

1. Michael Rieck Chair

2. Maria Bohorquez (AS, 07)

3. Jane DeWitt (PH, 07)

4. Marcia Keyser

5. Maria Valdovinos

6. Eric Johnson

Jayne Smith Sponsored Programs voting ExOfficio

Sue Wright (04-05) Instutional Research

Carol Miller (04-05) Community Member