Faculty Senate 2006-2007

Instructional Technology and Policy Committee (at least four faculty, two–year terms)

ITCP is responsible for strategic planning for instructional technology.  It recommends policies on instructional technology to the Faculty senate, and to other groups and individuals when appropriate.  It works to foster close ties between the Center for digital Technology and Learning, the Libraries, the Drake Telemedia Center (DTC), the school/college technology committees and the Office of Information Technology (OIT).  The committee oversees the implementation of the recommendations of the Instructional Technology Task Force, and updates those recommendations as needed.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall appoint at least four faculty to serve two-year staggered terms.  The principle of broad representation shall be honored.  The Deans of Cowles Library, the Director of the Center for Digital Technology and Learning, the CIO and the Director of the DTC will serve on the committee. (ITPC was created March 2004 and replaces IRPI, the Information Resource Policies and Issues Committee.)

  1. Andrea Charlow (LW, 07)
  2. Todd Evans (JO,07)
  3. Eunice Merideth (ED,08)
  4. James Romain (AS,08)
  5. Ken Kass (staff, 07)
  6. Rod Henshaw, Dean, Cowles Library
  7. Dan Alexander, Director, Ctr Digital Tech & Learning
  8. Paul Morris, CIO
  9. Brad Tousiannt, Director of DTC