Faculty Senate 2006-2007

Sustainability Oversight Committee (March 2005)

The Sustainability Oversight Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the President’s Cabinet through the Faculty Senate on issues related to the environmental and social sustainability of Drake University in its actions, infrastructure, and activities. The Committee will monitor progress in working toward the goals set forth in the Statement of Sustainability , and will report this progress in an accessible way to the campus community. The Committee will also recommend further steps which the University can take to improve and promote sustainability at Drake.

The Sustainability Oversight Committee is chaired by a faculty member and consists of one additional faculty member, the director of facility services (or their designee), one other staff member, and two students. Appointments are for two years and are staggered for each group, with the longer-serving faculty member serving as chair (or the member whose term expires first in the case of simultaneous appointments). The members are appointed using the standard procedures for appointment of standing committees.

  1. David Courard-Hauri (AS, 07) Chair
  2. Lisa Gardner (BN, 08)
  3. Michael Couvillon (ED, 08)
  4. Carrie Lewis (Admission, 07)
  5. Mark Chamber, Facilities designee