Faculty Senate 2006-2007

University Curriculum Committee (two-year terms)

The UCC has an advisory role to the Faculty Senate. The UCC does not supersede individual college/school curriculum committees. The UCC is responsible for recommending educational policy for the University, including general education (the Drake Curriculum), assessment of learning outcomes, and the oversight of course and program duplication and synergies. The UCC is charged with coordinating interdisciplinary programs and serves an ad hoc advisory role to the Provost and Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies to ensure that policy is implemented in a coordinated manner across campus. The UCC will have faculty representation from each of the four divisions of Arts and Sciences and from each of the professional schools. One administrative representative from CAAD will serve on the Committee and the Drake Curriculum Director will be an ex-officio member. The UCC will report to the Senate at least once a year. The UCC was created by Faculty Senate in May 2002.

Claudia Frazier

Social Sciences
Eleanor Zeff (07)

Natural Sciences
Colin Cairns (07)


Fine Arts

Catherine Gillespie (08)

Lori, Schirmer

Lee Jolliffe

Sally Frank

John Rozycki

William Dougherty

DC Director
Lon Larson, ex-officio