Faculty Senate 2007-2008

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (six faculty, two-year terms)

The Committee monitors and coordinates the admissions and financial aid policies of the University. It shall act on exceptions to and recommend change in these policies when in the Committee's judgment such change is appropriate. The membership shall consist of the Provost, Dean of Students, Director of Admission or delegate, the Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Planning or delegate, two members representing Deans, Associate/Assistant Deans, six members of the Faculty of Instruction, and three students appointed to two-year terms. The Chair is appointed by the Executive Committee from among the faculty members.

  1. Klaus Bartschat (08) Chair
  2. Ed Bell (09)
  3. Wade Leuwerke (09)
  4. Inchul Suh (08)
  5. Aimee Beckman-Collier (09)
  6. Nicholas Roth (08)

Provost R. Troyer
Dean of Student S. Bakari
Director of Admission Laura. Linn
Director of Financial Planning Susan Ladd
CAAD Renae Chesnut
CAAD Melissa Sturm-Smith

Students: Maggie Ferguson, Derek Olson, Criss Vandehaar