Faculty Senate




Change the Calendar Construction Guidelines, section D



D.   The Summer session is organized into two five-week terms.  The beginning of

            the first five-week term shall be determined in reference to the closing

            dates of the public schools in the Des Moines Metro area.



D.        The beginning date of the summer term shall be the Monday immediately following commencement. The Ending date of the summer term shall be the Sunday immediately before the opening day of classes in the fall (either the University classes or Law School classes, which ever is earlier).


The Faculty Senate will set an opening fall semester date when the academic calendar is created four full years in advance.  The Faculty Senate will give final approval to the calendar 1.5 years in advance of the fall semester. The Law faculty will approve an opening fall semester date before the Faculty Senate final approval vote to ensure that a summer ending date is established.



This motion strives to present a clear and consistent calendar while maximizing the month of August for classes. Being able to identify three distinct semesters at Drake (fall, spring, summer) will allow for continued flexibility in program offerings while satisfying the Department of Education mandate that semester dates for a student or courses cannot overlap. Expanding the dates of the summer semester will allow departments to program their summer course offerings in creative and flexible ways, with college and school approval.




This would begin with the Summer 2008 term.




Fall 2008 Fall opening date is Monday, August 25

            final approval Faculty Senate, April 2007; Law calendar approved December 2007

            Then Summer 2008 would end August 24.


Fall 2009 Fall opening date is Monday, August 24th.

            final approval Faculty Senate expected during Spring 2008

            Law calendar approval of the Fall opening date needed before Faculty Senate vote;

                        so their opening date is known and the Summer semester end can be determined.