Faculty Senate

D R A K E  U N I V E R S I T Y                    



The Drake University Faculty Senate will meet in regular session on

October 15, 2008 in Levitt Hall, Old Main at 3:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order


  1. Roll Call


  1. Approval of Sept 2008 minutes


  1. Report from President Maxwell

NOTE: If any Senator would like to submit a question for President Maxwell

for the meeting, please email that question to President Sanders (arthur.sanders@drake.edu) and/or President Maxwell (david.maxwell@drake.edu)


  1. Report from Provost Troyer
  2. Report from President Sanders


  1. Unfinished Business     

      A) Selection of a Vice-President of the Faculty Senate 08-09


            B) Approve changes in the alcohol policy (Appendix A; Student Handbook).


8.   New Business

            A. Motion to Disband the Instructional Policy Technology Committee (ITPC)


From: Dan Alexander, former chair of the Instructional Policy Technology Committee (ITPC)
Date: September 2008
I served on the ITPC from its inception in fall 2004 through spring 2007. I was chair in 2006-7. It was founded on a very good idea: namely to advance Drake’s use of instructional technology, both through pedagogy and infrastructure. However, as things turned out, other groups satisfied this need. 
It turned out the now-defunct Center for Digital Technology and Learning was the best avenue for the former. There is no analogous group now, as far as I know, but I don't think that a Senate Committee is the appropriate vehicle for faculty development.  
Various other entities seem to be a doing as good  job in developing infrastructure, chiefly the Provost’s Office, the Office of Informational Technology, Cowles Library and technology groups at the College and School  level.
By the 06-07 AY, we had very little to do.  The best indications of this are that we did not meet in the second half of t 06-07 AY; I was on sabbatical last year, but I understand that it did not meet last year.
If a committee does not meet, and no one (including its members) seems to notice, much less bring any business before it, I see no reason to continue it.


      B. Motion to Continue the Campus Council for another two years (08-09, 09-10)


Passed May 2006                 A Campus Council will be established with equal representation Drake University students, faculty, and staff (selected by the Student Senate, Faculty Senate, and All Staff Council, respectively) to serve as a sounding board and a campus-wide advisor/coordinator.  The Council is designed to: provide an opportunity to various committees and groups to obtain a university perspective on issues that those committees and groups are trying to address; and provide a coordinated effort to address issues that will impact the entire University.

The Council’s continuance to be reviewed after two years.


From Suzanne Brown:

I think it should be revisited and then decided upon. In my view it was a very good thing. All 3 areas shared items of interest. The only problem I saw was that we met every other week, which seemed a little more often that what was needed – but considering the topics we discussed, it worked out well. I would be in favor of continuing it, as it is a really good sounding board among all three areas. We all discovered that students, staff, and faculty have different ways of handling certain things, but on the other hand, we all are interested in an outcome that is a positive for the university.



      C. Discussion Item:       Faculty Roles and Time

Changing Faculty Roles:  All of the roles that faculty play, as teachers, scholars, and members of the University community, seem to take more and more of our time. 


Can the University better adjust to the changing nature of faculty roles?


9. Adjournment