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D R A K E  U N I V E R S I T Y



The Drake University Faculty Senate will meet in regular session on

February 17, 2010 in Levitt Hall, Old Main at 3:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call


  1. Approval of January 2009 minutes
  2. Report from President Maxwell         Will not be in attendance due to travel for the campaign

NOTE: If any Senator would like to submit a question for President Maxwell

for the meeting, please email that question to President Houle ( and/or President Maxwell (

  1. Report from Provost Renner
  2. Report from President Houle

                  Student Senate Report


  1. Unfinished Business

            Motion from B Gilbert (tabled January 2010)

"RESOLVED:  That the Faculty Senate endorses the creation of a "public" interface for Drake University's iTunesU presence, so that Drake students, faculty, and staff will have the option to post resources for downloading by any and all iTunesU user(s) (as long as such posting complies with the appropriate Policy on Acceptable use of Computer Technology as established by the University


     8.   New Business            

                  Motion to affirm the Political Activity Policy requested by Provost Renner

Political Activity Policy

Drake University fully supports the rights of individual faculty and staff to express their political opinions and to engage in election and campaign activity. Under federal law, however, a tax-exempt institution may not "participate in, or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office."

To ensure Drake’s status as a tax-exempt charitable organization is not jeopardized, the following applies to any “partisan political activity.”  “Partisan political activity” is the support of or opposition to a candidate for public office at the federal, state or local level even if the candidate is not affiliated with a political party.  

(1)   The name, seal, logo or other symbol of Drake University, its schools, colleges, departments or units may not be used for partisan political activity. This includes University letterhead.


(2)   No University property, including offices, telephones, copy machines, envelopes, web pages or equipment may be used for partisan political activity.  No University office, and no employee’s office, may be used for partisan political activity including as a return mailing address for the solicitation of funds for partisan political activity.


(3)   In political correspondence, including letters of opinion submitted to the media, the title of a faculty or staff member should be used only for identification and only when accompanied by a statement that the individual is speaking for her/himself and not as a representative of Drake University.


(4)   No University funds may be used to support or oppose a political candidate, including the making of campaign contributions.


(5)   No faculty or staff member may engage in partisan political activity in her/his capacity as a University employee during working hours. 


(6)   No University manager shall use his/her role as manager to encourage or require a subordinate employee to support or oppose any political candidate, party or political action committee. No office employee or other employee of Drake University should be asked to perform tasks in support of partisan political activity during regular working hours or in conjunction with his/her employment with Drake University.

Recognizing the role of the University in supporting and encouraging public discourse and debate, the University may allow its facilities to be used by political parties and/or candidates so long as (a) the facility is provided on the same terms as are applicable to non-political activities; and (b) the facility is available on an equal basis to any other candidate.  Accordingly, no preferential treatment to any candidate, party or cause is permitted. For more information on what constitutes an acceptable use of Drake facilities for this purpose contact the Director, of Operations and Support Services. Any work or duties associated with the acceptable use of facilities as described above does not constitute “partisan political activity” for purposes of this policy.

Questions about this policy or whether a particular activity is permitted should be directed to the Director, Human Resources.



Last updated: November 18, 2009




         9. Adjournment