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D R A K E  U N I V E R S I T Y



The Drake University Faculty Senate will meet in regular session on

March 10, 2010 in Levitt Hall, Old Main at 3:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call


  1. Approval of  February 2010 minutes

          Secretary’s Note: Several Athletic Schedules will be distributed at the March meeting


  1. Report from President Maxwell        

NOTE: If any Senator would like to submit a question for President Maxwell for the meeting, please email that question to President Houle ( and/or President Maxwell (

  1. Report from Provost Renner
  2. Report from President Houle

                  Student Senate Report


  1. Unfinished Business


     8.   New Business            

                  a) Motion to set Spring Break for the Spring 2011 semester as March 14-18, 2011


                  b) Motion to revise the charge of the University Curriculum Committee (UCC)

                              as stated in Section III of their February 2010 report


Section III: The University Curriculum Committee (UCC), a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, will recommend educational policy for the University regarding proposals that involve campus-wide requirements or that have origins, requirements, or implications that go beyond the individual colleges. Individual colleges and schools retain authority over their own curricula and programs.


The UCC will approve new majors, minors, concentrations, and programs, graduate and undergraduate, and changes to existing majors, minors, concentrations, and programs, graduate and undergraduate, that have cross-college origins, requirements, or implications. These proposals must be submitted to the Council of Academic and Administrative Departments (CAAD) for review and comment on potential cross-college implications before submission to the UCC.


The UCC will approve individual courses for the categories of the general education program and approve assessment procedures for the general education curriculum.


The UCC will make recommendations to the Faculty Senate and Provost, as appropriate, for revision of the general education curriculum or coordination of cross-college programs.


The UCC will approve individual courses with interdisciplinary designations such as INTD.


The UCC will forward all committee actions to the Faculty Senate for inclusion in a provisional agenda. The Faculty Senate may, at its discretion, review these actions. All UCC decisions will proceed as directed by the UCC, unless a subsequent action by the Faculty Senate directs otherwise.


The UCC will have faculty representation from each of the divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences, each of the professional schools, and Cowles Library. One administrative representative from CAAD and an administrator designated by the Provost (normally the Associate or Vice Provost who is appointed Director of the Drake Curriculum by the Provost) will serve on the committee in an ex-officio capacity. Members serve three-year terms.


The committee will elect one chair and one vice-chair from the faculty members of the committee. The chair shall be a tenured faculty member. The vice-chair shall be liaison to the Drake Curriculum Analysis and Planning (DCAP) committee and shall, if tenured, serve as chair the following year.


      9. Adjournment