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D R A K E  U N I V E R S I T Y



The Drake University Faculty Senate will meet in regular session on

May 5, 2010 in Levitt Hall, Old Main at 3:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call


  1. Approval of  April 2010 minutes


  1. Report from President Maxwell        

NOTE: If any Senator would like to submit a question for President Maxwell for the meeting, please email that question to President Houle ( and/or President Maxwell (

  1. Report from Provost Renner
  2. Report from President Houle

                  Student Senate Report


  1. Unfinished Business   None known


    8.   New Business            

a) Motion to accept the April 21, 2010 report from the Honorary Degree and Drake Medal Committee

and approve the seven recommended action items (bullet points found on the April 21st report first page)


b) Motion to insert the words and sitting Board of Trustees within the consideration criteria for an Honorary Degree and Drake Medal (revised statements shown below)


Present members of the staff and the faculty and sitting Board of Trustees and in-office and campaigning politicians are excluded from consideration. (page three bullet point six)


Present University faculty/administrative/staff and sitting Board of Trustees are not eligible, but emeritus faculty/administrators or retired employees may be nominated. (page seven bullet point two)


c) Motion to accept Drake Curriculum report from the UCC (distributed April 19, 2010) and direct the 10-11 Faculty Senate President to appoint an ad hoc committee from the Senate Executive Committee and 10-11 UCC with the charge of drafting one or more specific motions for action by the Faculty Senate regarding the Drake Curriculum revisions. Also included in the ad hoc committee charge would be to create the process for a General Faculty vote on created specific Drake Curriculum revision motion(s).


d) Motion to approve the formation of the JTerm Working Group (Item VII.B.2. page seven) including a November 2010 report and to approve the E-Portfolio Pilot (Item II page four) including the February 2011 report.


In Executive Session

e) Consider the nominees for Honorary Degree and Drake medals


9. Adjournment