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Intercollegiate Athletic Council

(six faculty)

The Council reports to the Senate and makes recommendations regarding policy and programs. The Council shall give primary consideration to the educational goals of the University and benefits to students, both participants and spectators. Budgetary and personnel matters are the responsibility of the administrative officers of the University. The Council membership includes the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, an Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, the Vice President for Business and Finance, six members of the Faculty of Instruction, three alumni, only one of whom may be an employee of the University, and three students, two of whom may be participants in intercollegiate athletics. The Faculty Representative for Intercollegiate Athletics serves as the Chair of the Council. The Council meets regularly once a month during the academic year and at other times upon the call of the Chair. (Academic Charter)


Renae Chesnut, Chair

1.Athan Petridis (12)
2.DeDe Small (12)
3. Teri Koch (10)
4. Allen Zagoren (10)
5. Rahul Parsa (11)
6. Ed Bell (11)


Alums: Carrie Lewis, Laura Leonard

Students:    Leah Wrath

                    Emily Madden

                    Chelsea Smith
                    Elyse Jacoby