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University Benefits Committee

(four faculty, two-year terms)

After review and approval by the Senate, the Committee is responsible for recommending employee benefits policies to the President. The Committee is concerned with but not necessarily confined to insurance and retirement provisions for employees of the University. The membership of the Committee shall consist of four members of the Faculty of Instruction, the Vice Provost of Human Resources, the Drake University Treasurer, a representative of the Provost's Office, a representative of the clerical staff, and a representative of the professional/technical staff. The Director of the Drake Wellness Program sits on the Committee in an ex-officio capacity.

 1. Steve Clapham (BN) (10)                 Chair
2. Ronda Menke (JO) (10)
3. Carrie Koenigsfeld (PH) (11)
4. Martin Begleiter (LW) (11)
5. John Stacy (Bargaining Unit)
6. Gretchen Olson (Provost)
7. Marilea Chase
8. Robert Harlan
9. Robert Hoehle (Retiree)
10. Jana Peterson, ex-officio
11. Marlene Heuertz, ex-officio
12. Venessa Macro, ex-officio
13. Vicky Payseur or Rhea Ann Frost-Clewell, ex-officio