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University Curriculum Committee (three-year terms)

The UCC will recommend educational policy for the university regarding proposals that have implications that go beyond the individual colleges or those that involve campus-wide requirements. Individual colleges and schools retain authority over their own curricula and programs.


UCC will approve interdisciplinary programs and majors (graduate and undergraduate).

The UCC will implement the general education curriculum, approved by the Senate, including approving individual courses for the categories of the general education program, establishing pre-requisites, and approving assessment procedures for general education curriculum courses.


The UCC will make recommendations to the Faculty Senate and Provost as appropriate for the revision of the general education curriculum or coordination of interdisciplinary programs.


The UCC will have faculty representation from each of the divisions of Arts and Sciences and from each of the professional schools and Cowles Library. One administrative representative from CAAD and the Vice Provost for Curriculum will serve on the committee. The committee will elect its own vice chair from the faculty members of the committee, to serve as the chair the following year. For implementation purposes, the committee will be called by the Associate Provost for Curriculum in order to elect a chair and vice chair.


The UCC will report to the Senate at least once a year.(cmte description revised April 2007; cmte created May 2002)



Claudia Frazer (12)

Social Sciences

Joanna Mosser (10) (Chair) DCAP liaison

Natural Sciences

Chin Dao (11)


Lisa West (10)

Fine Arts

Eric Saylor (12)


Vessela Ilieva (11)


Lori Schirmer (10)


Ronda Menke (11)


Luke Meier (12)


Diana Reed (12)


David Wright

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

John Burney