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January-Term Travel Seminars

3 credit-hours may apply from J-Term and/or Summer Travel, providing the limit of six credit-hours from travel away experiences for the Honors Program has not already been met. Travel seminar sign-up is via Drake International Terra Dotta

ENSP 111: Conservation, Sustainable Development, and Tourism in Ecuador and the Galapagos
David Courard-Hauri
3 Credits

The International Environmental Seminar enables students to gain an appreciation of the ecological and social aspects of environmental issues through an intense immersion experience in a developing country. Students will explore aspects of sustainable development and environmental justice within a specific national context. In general, discussion topics will include tropical ecology, the politics of land use, the effects of conflict on environmental systems, and the interaction between economic development and sustainability. 

AOI: Community Engaged Learning, Global and Cultural Understand, J-Term Travel Seminar, International & Multicultural, and Honors Track Elective


EDUC199/HONR194: Repair and Rebuilding
Dr. Tonia Land and Stephanie Dana Ely
3 Credits

Kosovo is a new country that declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, and was formally recognized by the United Nations in 2017. Its geographic location—a land-locked region of mildly rolling valleys of farmland surrounded by mountains— meant that it has been both isolated and invaded throughout its history. This course will investigate how the political, religious, cultural, linguistic, and economic traditions of Kosovo are represented in contemporary efforts to formulate past, present, and future Kosovar identities and attempt to resolve historically-pernicious conflicts. 

AOI: Historical Foundations, and Honors Elective


Iberian Penisula (Portugal/Spain/Morocco)
EDUC 189/MSLD 297/HONR 167: Global Citizenship: Culture of the Iberian Peninsula
Cristina Wildermuth
3 Credits

The main goals of this interdisciplinary course are to (a) expose students to the complexity of culture, with a special focus on the challenges and opportunities inherent to intercultural contact, and (b) help students connect the culture of the Iberian Peninsula to its history and current political, economic, and business climate. 

AOI:  Honors Track Elective


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