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Summer Travel Seminars

3 credits of the total may apply towards the Honors Track, providing the six credit-hour limit for Education Abroad experiences has not already been met.
Registration is via Drake International Terra Dotta.


Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda

Instructors: Debra Bishop, Jimmy Senteza, Glenn McKnight, Thomas Root

HONR 067

This three-week travel seminar focuses on human rights, democracy, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, health care and business practices through the lens of a Drake study trip to Uganda. Dr. Jimmy Senteza, one of the lead professors for the trip, grew up in Uganda, and has used his connections there to create a course which exposes students to life-changing learning experiences in a developing country. Dr. Glenn McKnight, another lead professor for this course, completed part of his doctoral dissertation in Uganda, and has bridged connections with the Makerere Institute of Social Research, giving students on this trip opportunities to interact with influential figures in Ugandan government.  Students on the trip also do work with a school for children with special needs, meet with business professionals, go on a safari tour, and take a tour of rural agriculture.


Religions of Beijing, 3 credit hours 

Instructor: Tim Knepper

  • This travel-seminar will introduce students to living religion in Beijing as it is practiced in 15 different religious communities that collectively represent the five state-recognized religions of China (Buddhism, Catholicism, Daoism, Islam, Protestantism).
  • In addition to participating in lectures and site visits as a group, each Drake student will be paired with a student researcher from Minzu University of China (one of Drake’s international partners), who are producing a photo-narrative about religion in Beijing. Each Drake student will accompany her/his Minzu counterpart on site visits, read her/his field-reports and textbook chapters, and help to make the English translations of these textbook chapters more readable for an American audience.
  • Together, the Minzu students and Drake students will therefore “write” the chapter entries for a bilingual photo-narrative about religion in Beijing.




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