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Summer Travel Seminars

3 credits of the total may apply towards the Honors Track, providing the six credit-hour limit for Education Abroad experiences has not already been met.
Registration is via Drake International Terra Dotta.


Scheduling is forthcoming; next offering of Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda will likely be Summer 2024.



Sustainable Development in Africa: Study Abroad in Uganda

Instructors: Debra Bishop, Jimmy Senteza, Heath Henderson

HONR 067

This three-week, six credit May travel seminar focuses on the UNDP sustainable development goals regarding human rights, democracy, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, health care and business practices through the lens of a Drake study trip to Uganda. Dr. Jimmy Senteza, one of the lead professors for the trip, grew up in Uganda, and has used his connections there to create a course which exposes students to life-changing learning experiences in a developing country. Dr. Deb Bishop has traveled to Uganda over fifteen time. Dr. Heath Henderson is an expert in developing economies.  Among many other opportunities, students on the trip will help host a health day at Kikandwa Health Centre,  work with a school for children with special needs, meet with business, government, and media professionals, go on a safari , and meet with village elders to view and discuss rural agriculture.




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