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Professors Benjamin Gardner and Jennifer Harvey's Paths section: Spring 2014

Through the use of interdisciplinary study we will examine how the events of September 11, 2001 have affected the United States and abroad. Linking the study of culture, religion, politics, and visual rhetoric this course intends to approach a pivotal point in the history of the world and the subsequent twelve years in a well-rounded and thorough manner. The course will be founded in reading and interpreting ideas that surround the last twelve years, creating a unique class that integrates elements of reflection on a historical event and interpretations of contemporary culture and society that may be results of the impact of September 11th.


Professor Benjamin Gardner's Paths section: Spring 2013

Personal Identity is a Paths to Knowledge course focusing on the study of place and time and how these concepts relate to personhood and identity. Using such disciplines as phenomenology, human geography, contemporary art, film, visual culture, philosophy, and religious studies, the course intends to approach and decipher the multifaceted nature of the ubiquitous term identity. Through readings, discussion, and projects, the course will help students develop their own independent theoriesconcerning identity.

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