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Professional Development

While Drake prepares students for meaningful personal lives, professional accomplishments and responsible global citizenship, the University also does the same for faculty and staff. Development at Drake does not end.


The University, though the Office of the Provost, provides development opportunities, which offer support for activities that advance teaching, learning and scholarship.

  • The University provides faculty members opportunities to attend conferences that focus on teaching and learning.
  • Drake encourages faculty members to travel to international universities to facilitate collaboration in teaching, research and exchange.
  • The University offers faculty the opportunity to collaborate with other faculty members within their own college or school or across various disciplines to enhance student learning.
  • Drake has established programs that provide student assistantships and other basic research support.
  • The University allows junior faculty who are approaching tenure to apply for course releases to work on scholarly and creative activities.



Drake offers a wide range of development opportunities to ultimately further the skills and abilities of staff members.

  • Drake offers tuition rebate for those interested in enrolling in classes themselves that can be applied toward a Drake degree.
  • The University provides tuition reimbursement, which offers assistance to staff members who are interested in pursuing a post-graduate degree that is otherwise not offered at Drake.
  • Drake encourages staff members to participate in the Excellence in Learning Development program, which involves on-campus sessions, generally two to three hours in length, where topics ranging from innovation and creativity to putting polish on presentations are explored.
  • The University welcomes the attendance of staff members at lectures with world-renown guests, sponsored through a variety of entities, including the Center for Global Citizenship, the Opperman Law Lecture, and the Bucksbaum Distinguished Lectureship series, all of which are offered on campus.
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