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Ralph and Sylvia Green Foundation Course Development Grants in the Arts + Humanities


Each year, the Center for the Humanities offers up to two $2,000 stipends to support the creation and development of courses that integrate the fine and/or performing arts with the humanities and/or humanistic social sciences. Humanities and fine- and performing-arts faculty on continuing appointment are eligible to apply. (For questions about affiliating with the Humanities Center, please contact the director).

Deadline: 1 May.


The following criteria will guide the board in its deliberation on proposals.

  • The course meaningfully integrates the fine- and/or performing - arts with the humanities and/or humanistic sciences.
  • The course does not replicate learning experiences already available to students.
  • The course is likely to enroll a sufficient number of students, particularly in fields outside those represented by the instructor(s) or the course topics. (Upper-division courses and courses with pre-requisites are less likely to earn approval than lower-division courses open to most Drake students). 
  • The course is likely to be offered, without registration restrictions, repeatedly in the department(s) in which the applicant(s) teach.

Applicants whose teaching, research and scholarship/creative activity are typically outside the fine- and performing- arts are encouraged to consult with a member of the Arts faculty. The strongest proposals will specifically indicate how the faculty member developing the course will cultivate the expertise necessary to teach/engage the material that falls outside his/her typical area of work. Such indications may come, for example, through inclusion of a letter of support from faculty member poised to consult with course proposer or explicit attention to method for course development in the application narrative.

Examples of past, successfully funded proposals can be found here:



These funds may not be used to support the development of May- and J-term travel seminars.

Applications, including a preliminary course description, a narrative addressing the criteria above, and applicants current cvs should be submitted, as a single document, via email attachment to Applicants’ chairs and program directors should also send a brief letter speaking to final criterion above and to the applicant’s(s’) qualifications for teaching the proposed course.

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