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Supplemental International or Off-Shore* Conference Travel Grant

The Center provides financial support to faculty whose primary or current research requires travel outside of the continental United States in order to participate in standard collegial and collaborate venues relevant to said faculty member’s work. (Namely, this grant is to supplement funding for standard academic conferences that college-distributed travel grants support, and in regard to which there is limited institutional funding.)

Grants are currently capped at $1,000 to be used as a supplement to standard college travel grants. Recipients may apply for one such grant per year. (This is separate from a research grant utilized for travel to an international or off-shore destination and does not render the recipient ineligible to apply for such a grant.)


Fall 2019: The Board will meet in early September and early November to consider applications that will draw on the budget for fiscal year ’20. These funds must be used before July 1, 2020. To ensure that your request is given consideration at either of these meetings, please submit applications before August 30, 2019, for consideration at the September meeting, or November 1, 2019, for consideration at the November meeting. Remaining fiscal year ‘20 funds will continue to be awarded in the spring, based on availability, and the Board will begin accepting applications for fiscal year ‘21. 

Spring 2020: The Board will meet on the first Friday of each month in spring 2020, including Feb. 7, March 6, April 3, and May 1. Please submit funding requests one week in advance of any given meeting, to ensure consideration at that meeting. Spring deadlines fall on Jan. 31, Feb. 28, March 27, and April 24. Requests for pre-tenure sabbatical support must be submitted by Jan. 31 ahead of the first spring meeting. In general, requests for retroactive funding will not be considered, but faculty may inquire with the Director if extenuating circumstances arise.   


-Proposed travel must be germane to the applicant’s primary area of research and/or a significant growing area of research for which conference participation is crucial (application must demonstrate this).

-Must be used in conjunction with a grant from faculty member’s home college typically used for standard academic travel.

-Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Center for International Services and Programs to inquire about support for acquiring visas and other international travel document. In addition, applicants are encourage to explore the possibility of separate domestic and international airline tickets, when possible, as a cost-saving mechanism.

*Off-shore includes, for example, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, etc.

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