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The Myron Marty Lectureship in the Arts + Humanities

The Center for the Humanities, in collaboration with the Departments of Art and Design, Music, and Theatre Arts, invite Nominations for the Myron “Mike” Marty Arts and Humanities Lectureship, supported by the Ralph and Sylvia Green Foundation. Nominations may be made for an individual or a group of practitioners/scholars working together.

The Lectureship offers a $5,000 award, inclusive of meals, travel and accommodation, to an established practitioner, or a collaborative team/troupe of practitioners of the interdisciplinary fine or performing arts and humanities from outside Drake. The individual(s) invited to accept this lectureship will spend up to five days at Drake during the following academic year, interacting with students and faculty, leading workshops or other interactive learning activities, and delivering a public lecture/performance.

Letters of nomination from Drake faculty should be sent to by April 1, and should provide the following information:

  • The name, institutional affiliation, and contact information of the nominee.
  • A brief (1-page maximum) overview of the nominees work in the fields of the fine and performing arts, humanities, and/or social sciences, with emphasis on the way his/her work integrates approaches or topics from more than one of these fields.
  • An explanation of how the nominee’s visit would advance the integrative study of the arts and humanities at Drake.
  • When available, links to online materials, such as images, work samples, reviews and other press, and the like.
  • Where applicable, disclosure of any prior or current connection the nominator has to the nominee.


The following criteria will guide the Select Committee on the Arts + Humanities in their deliberations:

  • The degree to which the nominees’ work engages across arts and humanities disciplines.
  • The relevance of nominees’ work to teaching, research, and creative activity currently represented at Drake.
  • The nominees’ expertise, accomplishments, and reputation.
  • Performances, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, or other activities the nominee(s) would be suited to engage in while at Drake.

Nominations will be reviewed by a select committee, including the Board of Directors of the Center and members of the fine and performing arts faculty, and will be held in confidence.

About Mike Marty

Myron “Mike” Marty served as Drake’s Dean of Liberal Arts from 1984-1986, when he oversaw the integration of the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Fine Arts. He continued to serve as Dean of the newly formed College of Arts and Sciences until 1994, at which time he joined the Department of History as the Ann G. and Sigurd E. Anderson University Professor, a distinction he still holds. He continued to teach and write until his retirement in 2002. In addition to uniting the Fine and Liberal Arts into a single College, Marty was instrumental in the founding and chartering the Humanities Center and the Friends of Drake Arts. Because of his dedication to sustaining Arts and Humanities scholarship and programming at Drake, The Ralph and Sylvia Green Foundation has named the Center’s Arts and Humanities Lectureship in his honor.

The Spring 2019 Marty Lecture

Aideen Barry has been named the 2019 Marty Lecturer in Arts + Humanities and will be in residence at Drake University April 16-18.

The Marty Lecture will be held at 7:30 pm on April 17.

Drake University faculty, students and staff as well as community organizations interested in participating in activities during Ms. Barry's residency are warmly invited to contact Humanities Center Director Darcie Vandegrift.

Ms. Barry is an Irish visual artist, known for her performance, film, sculpture, drawing, and installation work. Aideen Barry's work manifests in the field of contemporary visual arts, but it is punctuated by references to historical and often forgotten or erased figures from literature. Barry is interested in the idea of Autobiographobia (After Susan Sontag). Sontag used the idea of short story as a way of circumventing the autobiographical constructive of a narrative form. Barry often references artists whose texts depict the personal in a way that is a reflection of her own lived experience. 

Barry’s visual art has responded to work from Samuel Beckett to Flann O Brien, but increasingly her work contends with the dominance of writers who directly play with Das Unheimlich/The Unhomely/ The Uncanny. Writers Mary Shelly, Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, Ursula Le Guin, who touch on the Monstrous Feminine, act as a catalyst for Barry's explorations of the "othered" sex. The artist is personally committed to rewriting the canon of visual and literary culture by uncovering forgotten texts, figures and anomalies who have fallen foul to erasure through one reason or another. In her "performative film" works Barry constructs laborious optical illusions which allow for her to be simultaneously in front of and behind the camera at the same time; this is just one way in which Barry’s work depicts the impossible and often implausible realities of being a woman in the contemporary world.  Her work is so rich with humor & horror and the meticulous stop-motion technique she often employs in her films is absolutely mesmerizing while also offering up astute, complex, and absolutely original depictions of the female experience.

Barry’s work speaks to a diversity of disciplines at Drake, including: Fine arts; Anthropology, English; Law, Politics, and Society, Rhetoric, Media & Social Change; Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies. The innovative way in which Barry uses the visual arts as a means of political discourse offers a model for the compelling and complex ways in which creative endeavors can produce some of the most powerful and effective political statements of all.

Showing projects in spaces and museums such as Mothers Tankstation, The Irish Museum of Modern Art,  Louise T. Bloudin Gallery London, Moderne Mussett Sweden, The Loop Biennale Spain, The Wexner Centre Ohio,  The Royal Hibernian Academy, the Museum des Beux Arts in Lyon, The Crawford Municipal Gallery, The Butler Gallery, The Banff Centre Canada, the Headlands Centre for the Arts San Francisco, Liste Art Fair Basel Switzerland, BAC Geneva, Arco Art Fair Spain and Catherine Clark Gallery US. Barry has received numerous awards for her practice including recent awards: A Culture Ireland Award 2018, The Vermont Studio Centre Fellowship Award 2017, A Project New Work Awards from the Arts Council of Ireland ( 2008/2009/2010/ 2018), Arts Council of Ireland Bursary Awards 2017/2017/2015/2013/2011, Modern Ireland in 100 Art Works 2015 award, the Silent Light Film Award at the Cork Film Festival, Travel and Training Awards from the Arts Council of Ireland and in 2010 was shortlisted for the prestigious AIB Prize. 


Past Marty Lecureships

Tiffany Stern (Professor of Shakespeare, University of London) and Daniel Grimley (Professor of Music at Oxford University), “Sounding Shakespeare,” Spring 2017

Mazz Swift (violinist, activist, cultural ambassador, Brooklyn, NY), “An Evening with Mazz Swift,” Spring 2016

Mark Franz (Ohio University, Graphic Design), “Form, Content, Behavior,” Spring 2015

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