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TOEFL Equivalencies

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Drake offers the institutional (TOEFL) at the beginning of each term. Students with a TOEFL score below 54-55 on the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) will enroll in intermediate level English as a Second Language courses. Students with an iBT score above 54-55 will enroll in advanced ESL level courses.  (See below for computer and paper-based TEOFL score equivalencies.)

Scores are evaluated on each part of the TOEFL, therefore it is possible that a student may enroll at the intermediate level in some skill areas, but at the advanced level in others.

Students with iBT scores above 71 (for undergraduate study) or 79-80 (for graduate level study) are not required to take English as a Second Language, but may enroll in IEP courses that they believe will interest and benefit them.  Such courses are free of charge to anyone who is paying full time Drake tuition.

Score equivalencies

iBT = internet Based TOEFL
CBT = Computer Based TOEFL
Paper = Paper and pencil TOEFL (including the Drake institutional TOEFL)

iBT 54-55  =  CBT 157  =  Paper 480   
iBT 71       =  CBT 197  =  Paper 530
iBT 79-80  =  CBT 213  =  Paper 550