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Information on Applying for the Jet Program

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program began in 1987 as a way to improve exposure to international culture and language throughout Japan. Since then, thousands of young university graduates from around the world have participated on the JET Program.

With its successful history and its support from the Japanese government, the JET Program remains one of the leading language and cultural exchange programs in the world.

Participants are appointed by a contracting organization for a one-year period. The cost of transportation from the participants' country of origin to Japan, as well as remuneration, is funded by taxpayers of the contracting organization where the participant is employed. Because participants serve as civil servants of their contracting organizations they are required to uphold appropriate behavior. Withdrawal from the program after placement assignment or early termination of appointment shold be avoided as it greatly inconveniences contracting organizations.

JET Program

We strongly encourage individuals who are interested in applying for the 2019 JET Program to read the information available on the Application Process

If you have questions about the Jet Program, please contact Mary McCarthy at