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Goal 1

‌Serve as a global knowledge hub that brings value to external partners in local, national, and international settings.

Objective 1: Strengthen strategic partnerships both locally & abroad.

Strategy 1: Map local business, government and nonprofit connections and expertise that support Drake’s internationalization and global engagement.
Timeline: Jan. 2015 – May 2017

Strategy 2: Develop an external communication plan that brands Drake as a globally engaged institution.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2016

Strategy 3: Deepen relationships with international and globally engaged alumni.
Timeline: January 2015 - Present

Strategy 4: Broaden Drake’s strategic international partnerships to include a network of educational institutions, local business firms, service-learning providers, government and non-profit organizations.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Objective 2: Assess needs and deliver customized programs and services to global companies and organizations in our community.

Strategy 1: Strengthen ability to continually assess the global competencies and multicultural skills that are in greatest demand within labor markets.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2016

Strategy 2: Provide specialized training in global and multicultural topics for local corporate partners.  
Timeline: January 2016 – May 2017  

Strategy 3:  Explore feasibility and develop as needed English as a Second Language and cross-cultural training with or for organizational partners.  
Timeline: January 2017 – May 2020

Objective 3: Enhance Drake’s involvement in addressing pressing global issues.

Strategy 1: Identify a number of targeted global issues which Drake is best suited to help address through faculty research, service learning, co-curricular programming and the sharing of expertise with community partners.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020

Strategy 2: Enhance engagement with local community partners with international expertise or access to international experts to enhance on-campus offerings and opportunities for Drake’s off-campus constituents.
Timeline: January 2015 – May 2020 

How can you support Goal 1?

Faculty, Staff, Students

Alumni, Faculty, Staff

  • Know of an alumnus living and/or working abroad or otherwise globally engaged? Share his or her information with us so we can tap into their experience. 

Faculty, Staff:

  • Let us know when you are bringing international visitors to town who might give a campus presentation, meet with community partners, or appreciate learning more about Drake’s global efforts.
  • Check out Drake's partner institutions and submit a Partnership Planning Proposal to support joint research, visiting lectures, or other collaboration.
  • Apply for a Drake International Grant to supplement the resources your academic or administrative unit has committed toward global engagement.

Outside Partners

  • Tap Drake resources to help your workforce develop cultural competence and prepare for global engagement. Drake International will connect you with the expertise you need for presentations, workshops, and special programs.
  • Let us know when you are bringing international visitors to town who might be guest speakers or who would be interested in learning more about Drake’s global efforts.
  • Ask about serving on the International Advisory Council.
  • Join a Drake delegations to one of our partner institutions and learn more about how you can become part of Drake’s global network.
  • Invest in Drake's efforts to prepare students for responsible global citizenship (designate your gift to global citizenship), or talk to us about how you can support scholarships for students to study abroad.


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