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Accessing E-Bills

Drake University will bill students for tuition, health insurance, the technology fee, student activity fee, and also room and board if a student is living on campus.  You will not have to pay the cost for the entire year upon your arrival; all billing is made by the semester.  Payment amounts will be computed after financial assistance has been deducted from the total charges.

You will not receive a bill until you actually register for courses in any given semester.  Please note that undergraduate, pharmacy, and law students must pay the required tuition deposits in order to register for courses. Graduate and Intensive English Program students register for courses without paying the deposits. 

Tuition billing will be sent via an E-Bill in the MyDUSIS system.  E-bills are only available online; you will not be sent a paper bill in the mail.  Students who are enrolled will receive notification through their Drake University assigned e-mail address when their E-Bill is available for viewing.  In the E-Bill section of MyDUSIS, students may view current charges and recent transactions.  Students who continue to have activity on the account and/or balance will continue to receive notifications each month.  Notification will be sent on or near the first day of each month with a due date of the 15th of each month.  To access your E-Bill, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Campus Links, then select MyDrake (note: the link to MyDrake is available on the top right-hand corner of the web page)
  3. Enter the secure area by inputting your student ID (the nine-digit number listed in your admission letter) and PIN, which will initially be set to the first three letters of the month of your date of birth, the date and the year + !(For example, a student with a birthdate of May 4, 1989 would enter "May0489!.")
  4. Go to MyDUSIS and select "Banner Self Service" and then "Student Services & Financial Aid."
  5. Select "Student Accounts" and then "My Billing."