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The American Family Friendship Program

One way you can learn more about US culture is by participating in the American Family Friendship Program.  Students who choose to participate are matched with families in the Des Moines area who are interested in meeting international students.  The students and families agree to spend a little time together throughout the year.  They may have dinner together occasionally, go on picnics, go shopping or to a movie, or just spend time talking about life in the United States and the student’s home country.  Having a family to talk to can help you overcome culture shock and homesickness, and also gives you someone who will celebrate with you when you do well on an exam or have other exciting experiences.

Participation in the American Family Friendship Program does not involve living in the family’s home, but it may offer opportunities to ask questions about life in the US, or to visit local churches or schools.  About half of Drake’s international students participate in this program.  You will have an opportunity to sign up for the program at Orientation.  There is no charge for participation.