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Drake University is concerned about your health while you are a student.  The university operates a Student Health Center on campus, which treats students with common illnesses.  However, students with more serious illnesses or injuries will need to see a doctor or go to a hospital.

Des Moines has several good hospitals which serve the community and Drake students, but the cost of medical care is very expensive.  Therefore, you are required to purchase Drake's International Student Health Insurance (see section, Drake International Student Health Insurance).

You received a Medical Record Form when you were admitted to Drake.  Please have a doctor complete the form, then return it as instructed or bring it with you to campus.  If you have not completed the Rubiola measles immunization and PPD tuberculosis test required on the form, you must complete them when you arrive at Drake and there will be a charge.  Depending on the prevalence of tuberculosis in your home country, you may be requested to complete a second PPD tuberculosis test once you arrive at Drake.  We advise you to complete the Rubiola measles and one PPD tuberculosis test before leaving home.

We also ask that you take these health precautions before coming to the United States:

• Visit your own doctor.  Get a reasonable supply of any medications you expect to be taking.  Also get a copy of your prescriptions, written in English.  Medications in the US can be very expensive, and often require a prescription.  Also, though good substitutes are available for most Western medications, some traditional treatments such as medicinal herbs are not available in the US.  You may want to bring a supply of these with you.  It is wise to have a signed statement from your doctor explaining the use of any medicinal herbs, since the US government has strict laws about drugs.

• Complete any dental work or eye examinations before you leave home, as these are not covered by Drake's International Student Health Insurance.  If you wear eye glasses or contact lenses, bring two pairs and a copy of your prescription with you.