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Drake International Student Health Insurance

Like many U.S. universities, Drake requires that all students be covered by a health insurance plan. This requirement helps ensure access to medical care for our students and protects the financial resources they need to finance their Drake education. Drake's insurance plan is offered by  Ascension Insurance. The Drake International Student Health Insurance policy meets or exceeds the standards set by the Department of State. At International Orientation, you will receive a detailed description of the policy and information.

Must I Buy This?
• YES! All Drake international students and scholars (F, J, M) and their dependents are required to purchase the Drake International Student Health Insurance. International students may not waive or remove the charge from their bill, except for the circumstances listed under the waiver section of this page. 

• Insurance purchased by the student, the student's family, or through an employer cannot be substituted for the Drake International Student Health Insurance.  Students and scholars who have insurance coverage in addition to Drake's mandatory policy (for example through a private family policy or an employer) are allowed to retain that coverage, but must still purchase the policy through Drake.

• Coverage is effective August 1 - July 31 each academic year.  You are covered upon your arrival and will receive an insurance card a few weeks after the semester begins.

• Dependents must also purchase Drake International Student Health Insurance or provide proof of comparable coverage. To purchase the Drake plan for your spouse and/or dependents, please contact the International Center.  You will need to pay for the dependent and/or spouse coverage at the time of enrollment. The enrollment deadline is approximately two weeks after the start of the term. If your family situation changes after the third week in the term (your spouse/dependent moves to the US, you get married, you have a child), you have 30 days from the date of the change to enroll your spouse/dependent(s) in the plan.    

Enrolling in the Insurance Plan and Billing:
To expedite the receipt of insurance cards, international students will be enrolled by the International Center and your Drake account will be charged the insurance premium for that term.

• The amount charged will cover the premium at the beginning of each semester, beginning on August 1 and expiring on July 31 (Information is available at the Ascension website: Relation Insurance

Major Medical Benefits (subject to annual changes):  
• The policy as arranged by Drake covers accidents and illnesses.  Please see the Ascension brochure available on their website at Relation Insurance for specific information regarding policy benefits and costs.  

• The details of the policy will be reviewed at orientation. 

Waivers of the Drake International Student Health Insurance 

Insurance Conditions: 
Insurance purchased by one’s family or provided through an employer does NOT qualify for a waiver of the Drake International Student Health Insurance. 

Waivers will be granted ONLY under the following condition:

International students or scholars who have comparable, non-cancelable insurance through a sponsoring organization such as A.I.D., AMIDEAST, Fulbright, ISEP, or MARA are exempt from the Drake International Student Health Insurance.  

How to Apply:
To be considered for a waiver, you must contact the International Center during the first two weeks of the term. If a waiver is not granted before the deadline, you will be required to pay for Drake's insurance plan.

Applications must include:
• A letter or other documentation from your sponsoring agency, which verifies your insurance coverage.     
• A complete description of coverage which shows in U.S. dollar amounts, that it is comparable to that listed above, including at least $10,000 each for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of remains.

Requests for a waiver should be sent to:
Insurance Waivers Committee
c/o Stephanie Dana Ely, International Student and Scholar Services
Drake University
2507 University Ave.
Des Moines, IA, 50311