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On Campus
If you intend to live on campus and have not yet returned your housing contract, please do so as soon as possible.  Housing assignments will be announced a week or two prior to the start of the term.

If you have signed a contract to live in one of the Drake residence halls, you will probably share a room with an American student or another international student.  Most of Drake's residence halls have four levels ("floors").  Men and women often have separate wings on each floor, although single-sex floors still remain an option in some residence halls (please inform the Office of Residence Life is this is your preference).  Your room will be furnished with 2 single beds, 2 desks, and 2 closets.  You must provide your own bed linens.  There are bathrooms with showers on each floor.  No one has a private bath.

Living in a residence hall will make it easier for you to become friends with other Drake students because people living in the residence halls often organize social and recreational activities together.  It will also be a valuable way to learn about cultural variety in the U.S. because you will meet students from all over the country.  In fact, only about 1/3 of Drake students come from Iowa!

First and second year students are required to live in a residence hall.  All undergraduate exchange students are also required to live on campus.  Even if you are eligible to live "off-campus," we still strongly suggest that undergraduate students live "on-campus" in the residence halls.  Students say it is more difficult to meet friends, learn English or to know what is happening on campus if you don't live in the residence halls. Drake does not offer on campus housing for graduate students.

Note: Residence halls are closed between semesters and students must find alternate housing during the winter break.  The residence halls are open during the other break periods.

Off Campus
Graduate students and third or fourth-year undergraduate students who decide not to live in the residence halls, must rent an apartment near the campus from the private businesspeople who own them.  The Office of International Programs and Services can talk to you about how to find an apartment, but you must make these arrangements yourself.  If you will live off campus you should arrive a few days prior to International Orientation so you have time to find an apartment.  An apartment listing will be given to you upon arrival.

Drake West Village
The Drake West Village apartments were completed in summer 2008 are similar to residence hall rooms in that they are fully furnished and most utilities are included in the monthly fee, they cover the water, trash & sewer - with a monthly cap towards the electric.  Each apartment has a kitchen (meals are not included in the monthly fee).  The complex is located on the east west edge of campus on 30th Street.  Students may elect to rent a one-bedroom apartment or to share a larger apartment with roommates (students without pre-arranged roommates may ask to be placed in a apartment and assigned roommates).  Accommodations are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.   Leases are based on the full-year, although leases can be arranged for the academic year for an extra fee.  Information about Drake West Village can be found at