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How You Will be Evaluated

Each professor decides how to evaluate the students in his or her class, so there is great variety.  You may find you must work harder, spend longer hours in the library, and take more examinations than you are used to.  Some courses will require only one or two examinations in a semester, while others may have weekly exams or even unannounced "quizzes".  The most common exams are a "midterm" at the middle of the semester, and a "final" at the end of the semester.  These exams may be "comprehensive", covering all information from the class up to that time, or they may cover only the information studied since the last exam.

In addition, you may have to write papers.  These may be short papers (one or two typed pages in length) or major research papers (15 or more pages in length) which require many hours of research and several revisions until they are acceptable.  When papers are assigned, if you don't know the professor's expectations, ask.  Some papers will focus on your opinions or creativity, others will require documentation and factual support.  There may be midterm and final papers, just as there are midterm and final exams.  You will need to type your papers or prepare them using a computer word-processor.  

When you are writing a paper, and you wish to quote a phrase, sentence or paragraph from the Internet or from an article or book, you must give credit to the original author.  Not to do so is called plagiarism.  Drake professors consider plagiarism to be a very serious offense, which may be punished in a variety of ways including failing the project or exam, or earning a failing grade for the class.