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Drake's Approach to Globalization

by Mollie Wheeler

International Business at Drake doesn’t get enough recognition. I’ve learned more about our rapidly globalizing world being in this program than I would have anywhere else, I’m almost positive.  Here’s why the International Business Program at Drake is, let’s try to be PC, ‘better than most’.

I’ve learned so much about being a responsible global citizen. Because this is a part of our mission statement, Drake is extra focused on making sure we are exposed to as many global opportunities as possible. Through different events I’ve attended (such as the panel on the expansion of the Islamic financial sector) and groups I’ve gotten to be a part of (like the DU Young Scholars International Business Research Program… a program whose faculty advisors are too busy researching to come up with a shorter name…), I’ve gotten to see the world from so many different angles. In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, I have learned how to approach international issues not as a United States citizen, but as a global citizen determined to understand as many other cultures as possible.

Aside from the events and opportunities provided by Drake and the The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship, this program also has the classes and professors that are needed to sculpt young globalizing minds, such as my own. This can be said not only of the I Biz program, but of the business school in general. All of my classes have been challenging and stimulating; with small class sizes and professors that leave their doors open in order to help you where you’re struggling. They take their teachings seriously, which is perfect in a university where the students take their learning seriously as well. 

Along with these things, Drake makes it so easy to study abroad. This isn’t specifically about the International Business program, as anyone in any major at Drake can study abroad. It is made especially easy if you choose to do the certificate program in your language of choice (the certificate replaces a language major or minor at Drake, and its course outline can be found here:, as they do a pre-study abroad course to further prepare you for your big trip. My study abroad was the most internationalizing experience of my time at Drake, and was only made possible through the help of the business school staff, (specifically Karen Pomeroy who made sure my classes would transfer) my advisor (@MattCMitch), Jen Hogan in the International Center and many other professors and administrators who gave me advice along the way. To have a group of mentors so set on having you succeed is a truly incredibly thing, and something I am so grateful for.

My hope is that if you’re reading this and you currently attend Drake, but are in decision mode about which major you’d like to pursue, you’d really look into this as an option. If other cultures and business practices outside the U.S. interest you, this could be the right path to take. If you do not attend Drake (yet, because I’m sure you’ll eventually come to the conclusion that, although this isn’t the Duke University page you originally thought you had clicked on, it’s a pretty sweet school after all), I’d also encourage you to look further into this program.

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