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Faculty & Staff Technology Resources

Here's how to connect with technology at Drake:

The Basics

Your Drake ID: This nine-digit number is essential to logging into your computer, your email, and our campus portal.

Your Password: You can change your password as often as you'd like, but every year you’ll receive an email from ITS prompting you to change it using the Password Manager to keep your information safe. Make sure you set up recovery options in case you ever forget it.

NOTE: Faculty and staff should change their password on campus, using their Drake-owned computer, whenever possible. This allows the new password to sync to Drake systems. Faculty and staff may change their password off-campus but will need to continue using their old password on their Drake-owned computer until they return to campus and connect to the Drake network.

myDrake: myDrake is the new campus portal. You can access it by going to It provides links to many other applications and sites with information about life on campus and access to the campus functions you need on a regular basis. Banner Self Service (MyDUSIS), email, document sharing, and other key systems are integrated into myDrake.

blueView, our current portal is being replaced by myDrake and will be retired this fall.

Blackboard: Blackboard is the online learning management system (LMS) used by Drake.

Email Accounts: All Drake faculty and staff are issued email accounts, typically Email is accessible from within myDrake or blueView.

And More

IT Service Portal: Visit the IT service portal to learn about technology services available, browse our knowledge base for how-to technology guides, or get assistance with an issue.

ITS Support Center: Due to summer storm damage, the Support Center is currently located on the second floor of Collier-Scripps.

Call 515-271-3001 or stop by the Support Center. Room related emergencies during teaching should be reported by calling extension 3002 to contact the classroom response team. 

Network Registration: Faculty and staff are entitled up to five personal devices registered on the wired Drake network. Wireless devices don't require registration.

Online training: See a curated list of Technology Training Resources for Faculty & Staff in our IT service portal.

Print Services: All faculty and staff printing and copying is charged to their department. If you are authorized to print to more than one account, you'll have the choice to select the appropriate account when you print or copy. A one-time activation is required to connect your Drake ID card to your printing account. Before you can print or copy the first time, you’ll need to activate your Drake ID card by tapping it on the card reader and entering your Drake User ID number and password.

Software for personally owned machines: Faculty and staff are eligible for discounted or free software. For more information, please visit Software Downloads in myDrake or the Support Center tab on blueView.

Storage & Collaboration: As part of our campus Office365 subscription, faculty and staff can store up to 5 terabytes of data in OneDrive, Drake’s cloud storage solution. The OneDrive client is automatically installed on faculty and staff computers. Log into the OneDrive client using your email to store documents and share with others on campus or beyond. Alternatively, you can log into the OneDrive web interface to manage and share content. OneDrive is also accessible through myDrake.

Wireless: Faculty and staff issued a Drake-owned Windows computer will automatically be configured to connect to the wireless network. For all other devices, connect to the DUFacStaff network and enter your Drake ID number and password when prompted.

ITS Dashboard
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