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About the Printing Project

Drake printers/copiers are leased from and maintained by Laser Resources Inc. (LRI). Our current lease period expires this summer, and we will be entering into a new agreement with LRI to continue providing printing to campus.  

As our original contract with LRI began five years ago, we are taking this opportunity to re-evaluate campus needs and better manage the cost of printing. See below for answers to questions you may have about upcoming changes to campus printing. We will add more questions and corresponding answers as the project progresses.

What is changing with printing?

As we sign a new contract with our vendor, LRI, we are taking the opportunity to reassess campus printing needs. Over the past few years, the amount of printing has greatly decreased on campus. This is good from both an environmental and a cost-savings perspective.

We are going to eliminate some of the campus devices and replace others with smaller machines. We are also changing the way we charge departments for printing, which will further contribute to overall cost savings.

Beginning in Fall 2021 faculty/staff prints, and copies will be charged to their home organization in Banner—the department that pays their salary. Individuals can no longer use multiple FOAPALs within their organization or across organizations. Budget and Office managers reviewed exceptions to ensure accurate information as the new devices and pricing roll out.

Why is Drake reducing the number of printers?

After an analysis of printing costs in FY18 and FY19 (FY20 was excluded due to fewer faculty and staff on campus), it was determined that printers accounted for approximately 80% of total print costs, while maintenance, paper, toner, etc. accounted for the remaining 20%.

In order to continue reducing costs to more appropriately cover expenses, reductions must be made in the area that accounts for the largest portion of the costs, that is the printers themselves. Also, due to decreased printing across campus, it was determined that reducing or shifting the number of devices would save money without inconveniencing students, faculty, or staff.

What’s the timeline for these changes?

While the initial goal of the project team was to have new printers in place before the start of the fall semester, due to global supply chain issues, we will be unable to complete the project by its initial completion date. All equipment has been ordered, and machines are being installed across campus as they become available. Until new machines are installed, current printers will remain.

We now anticipate that printers will continue to arrive well into the fall semester. Prior to installation in your area, LRI will contact your department to coordinate timing, and training will be provided as the new devices arrive.

How can I learn more about the printing project?

The project team will be posting additional questions and answers to this page, as well as providing regular updates to campus. Additionally, budget-related changes will be communicated directly with budget and office managers throughout this process.

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May 14, 2024