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About Self-Service Banner 9

We are upgrading to the new version of the self-service portion of our campus information system–Self Service Banner (SSB) 9.

This new version will provide a modern interface along with updated functionality including a mobile-friendly interface. We are excited to provide a better experience to campus users. See below for answers to questions you may have about the upgrade process.

What is being updated?

Self-Service Banner is made up of modules that each include different types of information. We are updating the following modules:  

  • General–Personal information (address, phone, email, and emergency contact) and direct deposit. 
  • Employee– Time reporting and approval, pay information, and tax documents (includes student employees).
  • Finance– Purchasing, budgeting, and reporting (faculty and staff only)
  • Student/Faculty–(Student also includes Financial Aid and Accounts Receivable) student profile information (majors/minors, department membership), course lists, student accounts/financial aid documents.
  • Registration– Course schedules and registration  

Additionally, Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required for faculty and staff to view or change their information in the new version. For help with Duo, see the Duo guides in the IT service portal. 

What is the project timeline?

Anticipated dates for the launch of each module will be updated as they become available:

  • General was released 5/22/21 (Duo MFA usage was implemented with this change)
  • Employee module was released 8/5/21.
  • Student/Faculty–Spring 2022
  • Finance module–Spring 2022
  • Registration–TBD 

Why are we calling this Self Service Banner instead of MyDUSIS?

MyDUSIS is the long-time name of the self-service portion of DUSIS (Drake University Student Information System). When the system was created it was common for institutions to create unique names for systems, regardless of what the actual tool being used was.

This practice is no longer standard, and as a result we will be calling the system Self-Service Banner (or SSB) to better explain what the system does and align it with the actual name of the software. 

How will I access my information during and after the upgrade?

ITS has added a new header on any pages that remain in the old MyDUSIS system. MyDUSIS will remain accessible from myDrake temporarily, but links within MyDUSIS will be phased out and changed as applicable. Additional navigation shifts are coming and we will continue to keep you updated as they happen. 

Will there be training/documentation provided?

Throughout the project as new modules and processes are upgraded, additional documentation will be linked below.

Where can I get project updates?

The project team (made up of ITS staff along with representatives from the Registrar's office, Finance department, Human Resources, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts) will meet regularly. Ongoing project updates will be provided in OnCampus as module updates are released.

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