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Student Technology Resources

Here's how to connect with technology at Drake:

New Students

Download the New Student Tech Checklist to learn where to get started with technology at Drake.

Drake ID and Password

Drake ID: This nine-digit number is essential to logging into your computer, your email, and our campus portal.

Password: You can change your password as often as you'd like, but every year you’ll receive an email from ITS prompting you to change it using the Drake Password Manager to keep your information safe. Make sure you set up recovery options in case you ever forget it. If you don't change your password annually, you'll be locked out of Drake systems until you do. This password guide will help you easily make the change.

myDrake Campus Portal

myDrake is our campus portal. You can access it by going to It provides links to many other applications and sites with information about life on campus and access to the campus functions you need on a regular basis. Banner Self Service (MyDUSIS), email, document sharing, and other key systems are integrated into myDrake.

Drake Email

All Drake students are issued email accounts, typically You have access to your Drake email account while you're a student and for three years after you graduate, though you'll need to change your password annually. Email is accessible from within myDrake.

For security purposes, an external email label is added to most emails that come from outside the domain. To learn more see External Email Label (FAQ). Receive a suspicious looking email? Follow the information at Reporting a Phishing Message (How-to)

Computer/Equipment Requirements

Laptops are required for all students along with a headset or headphones with a microphone.

The following are college-specific requirements and minimum specifications. For more specific information please check with your academic program.

  • College of Arts and Sciences: Mac OS or Windows 10 laptops
  • College of Business and Public Administration: Mac OS or Windows 10 laptops
  • College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: Mac OS or Windows 10 laptops
  • Law school: Windows 10 laptops. More information can be found at Drake Law School Technology Resources
  • School of Education: Mac OS or Windows 10 laptops are acceptable for all undergraduate or graduate programs.
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication: Mac OS laptops. More information can be found at Equipment for Incoming SJMC Students

For all computers we recommend having:

  • A power strip with surge protection. NOTE: Extension cords are not allowed in the residence halls.


For MacBooks:

  • MacBook 2016 or newer model
  • OS V 10.13 or higher and ability to be updated to latest version. See for current model list.
  • at least 8 GB of ram (16 GB preferred) 
  • AppleCare extended warranty
  • Solid State hard drive (SSD) or M.2 style Hard Drive.
    These hard drive types greatly increase speed, though they are generally more expensive and have smaller storage capacity. Hybrid hard drives are not as fast as SSD options.

For Windows Laptops:

  • Minimum I7-6000 series laptop or AMD equivalent
  • Windows 10 OS
  • at least 8 GB of ram (16 GB preferred) 
  • 3- or 4-year extended warranty with accidental damage protection
  • Solid State hard drive (SSD) or M.2 style Hard Drive.
    These hard drive types greatly increase speed, though they are generally more expensive and have smaller storage capacity. Hybrid hard drives are not as fast as SSD options.


  • Chromebooks, MacBook Air laptops, tablets, or Windows RT or 10 S devices
    These devices are insufficient to use as your primary device. You will likely encounter issues running the software needed for your major(s).
  • Smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home
    Our networks require more security and control than a home network and these devices aren't designed for our network or for use in the residence halls.


See the Free Software section to learn what you get free as a Drake student. Check with your college/school to see if they require additional programs for your major(s).


Other manufacturers may also provide student discounts, please contact them directly.

Tech Help

IT Service Portal: Having a problem with technology? Want to find out what ITS can do for you? Visit the online ITS service portal to learn about technology services available, browse our knowledge base for how-to technology guides, or get assistance with an issue.

ITS Support Center: The Support Center provides help with passwords, general technology questions, or solving software, computer and network related problems. Call 515-271-3001 24/7 or visit Carnegie Hall by appointment ONLY.

Online training: See a curated list of Technology Training Resources for Students in our IT service portal.

Free Software

All students are eligible for free software, including the latest versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) for Mac or Windows. Software is available beginning 30 days prior to the start of the fall semester. See the Software Downloads link in myDrake for more information.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is available in all buildings on campus and some outdoor areas. Connect to the eduroam network and enter your Drake email address and password when prompted. Learn more at Connecting to the eduroam Wireless Network (How-to).

eduroam is a global roaming educational wireless network. If you visit any of the thousands of eduroam-connected instutitions worldwide, you'll be able to connect securely.

Students are entitled to 5 device registrations on the eduroam wireless network and 10 devices on DUEntertainment.

Game Console/TV Registration

To connect your gaming console, smart TV, streaming device go to the device registration portal at and follow the onscreen instructions. Then connect your device to the DUEntertainment network or a wired network port in your room. See Connecting a Game Console, Smart TV, or Streaming Device to the Drake Network (How-to) for additional information. If you live in the residence halls, and want a wired connection, please submit a Wired Network Issue request.

Students are entitled to 5 device registrations on the eduroam wireless network and 10 devices on DUEntertainment.

Blackboard Learning Management System

Blackboard is the online learning management system (LMS) used by Drake. To learn more about how to use it, visit these Blackboard guides.

Campus Printing

Students can upload their documents to the virtual queue at and print at a variety of locations across campus. Full time students receive a $20 printing credit each semester (unused credit expires at the end of each semester). More information can be found in the guide, Printing for Students (How-to).

Cloud Storage

As part of our campus Office365 subscription, students can now store up to 5 terabytes of data in OneDrive, Drake’s cloud storage solution. Log into OneDrive using your email or connect via myDrake to store documents and share with others on campus or beyond.

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