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About Teams Calling

In January 2021, ITS upgraded the campus phone system and moved faculty and staff to using Microsoft Teams for calling.

The Microsoft Teams client replaced traditional handsets and allow faculty and staff to make and receive telephone calls using their office extension from anywhere they are connected to the Internet.

See below for answers to questions you may have as well as information about the project timeline.

Why did we get rid of our former phones/handsets?

The main phone switch was more than 30 years old and no longer supported. We had been using four different phone systems and the interactions between those four systems caused issues.

Headsets can be paired with a computer or mobile phone to support anytime/anywhere access to your Drake office phone with the Teams client. This flexibility has become critical in the current remote working and learning environment. Finally, headsets are also significantly less expensive than handsets.

What phones are included/not included?

This change primarily affects extensions assigned to employees. We are also keeping many physical phones in reception areas and conference rooms. Red security phones in buildings and outdoor blue emergency phones are not impacted at all.

Does this change how people outside of Drake will reach me?

No. The only thing changing is the way you answer your phone. The experience for anyone calling you won’t change.

What if I have an issue with my headset?

You can review the user guides at:

If you encounter an issue with your headset that you can't resolve, please submit a Telephone Issue request at our IT Service Portal with a description of the problem.

What if I wear hearing aids?

The over-the-head model of headset that ITS is offering has been tested successfully by people who wear hearing aids. We suggest trying that model first.

If necessary, accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you need accomodation, please submit a Telephone Issue request at the IT Service Portal.

Do I have to keep Microsoft Teams open to make or receive phone calls?

Yes. But if you’re not someone who uses Teams chat, or wants to, you can set your status to Appear offline or appear away to discourage people from chatting, but still get phone calls.

If you get a call when the Teams app isn’t open, it will go to voicemail. If the person leaves a voicemail message, then you’ll get an email letting you know you have a voicemail. Email notification of voicemail messages is automatically set up with Microsoft Teams calling.

To call out from your computer, your dialer is in the side menu of the Teams app.

Can I use the Teams calling on my mobile device?

Yes, the Teams app is available for iOS and Android. You can use the Teams app to make and receive calls using your office phone number anywhere you have a WiFi or cellular connection.

See more at

How do I make, answer or transfer calls using Teams?

See the Microsoft resources linked below:

Making calls:

You just need to call using the area code and phone number like you would from a cell phone. No extra number is needed to call off-campus numbers.

Answering calls:

Transfering calls: 

Transfering calls directly to a colleague's voicemail:

ITS has curated lists of resources at Using Microsoft Teams for Phone Calls and Voicemail (How-to) and Using Advanced Calling Features in Microsoft Teams (How-to) that include video instructions and links to Microsoft tutorials.

Can I forward my phone or have someone answer my extension?

Yes. See the below guides from Microsoft:

Forwarding calls:

For the best experience, ITS recommends using the Teams app to answer calls from your cell phone. However, you can also configure Teams to forward calls to your cell phone without using the Teams app. Without using the Teams app, caller ID will display your cell number instead of your office extension whenever you make an outbound call. Calls from the Teams app will always appear as your office extension.

Delegating calls:

Transfering calls to a colleague's voicemail:

ITS has also curated lists of resources at Using Advanced Calling Features in Microsoft Teams (How-to) that include video instructions and links to Microsoft tutorials.

How do I set up and use my voicemail?

Setting up your voicemail is done through the Settings menu in Teams (accessed by clicking on your initials or photo in the upper right corner). Voicemail messages will show up from your calls option in the left-hand menu. Learn more by reading this guide from Microsoft. You will also receive an email from Teams every time you get a voicemail message.

ITS has curated lists of resources at Using Microsoft Teams for Phone Calls and Voicemail (How-to) that include video instructions and links to Microsoft tutorials.

Does Teams record or transcribe calls?

No. Teams does not record or transcribe calls and does not have this capability. Drake ITS would never record or transcribe calls unless there was a regulatory compliance issue that required it. In that case, we would have to add another 3rd party software to accomplish this.

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May 14, 2024