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Past Events

The Constitutional Law Center has hosted numerous lectures and symposia, bringing the nation's top experts to campus to speak on a variety of topics.

Constitutional Law Lecture Series

2018 Constitution Day Lecture
"Our Polarized Constitution:  Judicial Review in the Cycles of Constitutional Time"
Sept. 20, 2018
Speaker: Professor Jack Balkin, Yale Law School

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Constitutional Law Center Distinguished Lecture Series

"The Development of Constitutional Conservatism"
March 29, 2018
Speaker: Professor Ken Kersch, Boston College

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Note:  Audio heard best with headphones or external speakers.

Constitutional Law Center Distinguished Lecture Series
"Free Speech in Public Schools: From Black Armbands to BONG HiTS FOR JESUS"
Oct. 26, 2017
Speaker: Professor Justin Driver, University of Chicago Law School

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2017 Constitution Day Lecture
"Free Speech on Campus"
Sept. 14, 2017
Speaker: Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, University of California-Berkeley School of Law

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Constitutional Law Center Distinguished Lecture Series
"On the 150th Anniversary of the Reconstruction Amendments: The Two Thirteenth Amendments"
March 2, 2017
Speaker: Professor Kurt Lash, University of Illinois Law School

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Constitutional Law Center Distinguished Lecture Series
"Same-Sex Marriage and Backlash: Constitutionalism Through the Lens of Consensus and Conflict"
Oct. 27, 2016
Speaker: Professor Reva Siegel, Yale Law School

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2016 Constitution Day Lecture
"Guns, Speech, and Sex: The Rise of Constitutional Extremism"
Sept. 15, 2016
Speaker: Professor Mary Anne Franks, University of Miami School of Law

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Constitutional Law Lecture
"Scrutinizing Polygamy after Hobby Lobby and Obergefell"
Feb. 4, 2016
Speaker: Maura Strassberg, professor of law, Drake Law School

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2015 Constitution Day Lecture
"Policing in the 21st Century"
Sept. 17, 2015
Speaker: Tracey L. Meares, Walton Hale Hamilton Professor of Law, Yale University

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2014 Constitution Day Lecture
"Re-Articulating the Harm of Discrimination: An Examination of Brown v. Board of Education at 60"
Sept. 15, 2014
Speaker: Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Charles M. and Marion J. Kierscht Professor of Law, University of Iowa School of Law

Constitutional Law Lecture
"Three Centuries of Latinos in the U.S.: The Cyclical Dynamics of Nation-Building, Citizenship, and Legal Personhood"
Oct. 3, 2013
Speaker: Laura E Gómez, vice dean and professor of law, UCLA School of Law

2013 Constitution Day Lecture
"The Fundamental Transformation in the Law and Practice of Modern Warfare"
Sept. 16, 2013
Speaker: Richard H. Pildes, Sudler Family Professor of Constitutional Law, New York University School of Law

Constitutional Law Lecture
"Amending the U.S. Constitution: The Surprising Reasons Why it Should Remain Difficult"
April 18, 2013
Speaker: Aziz Huq, professor, University of Chicago Law School

Constitutional Law Lecture
"The Constitution and Child Protection from Religious Actors"
April 11, 2013
Speaker: Marci Hamilton, Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Constitutional Law Lecture
"Islam and Constitutionalism in Egypt's New Constitution"
Jan. 31, 2013
Speaker: Nathan J. Brown, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University

2012 Constitution Day Lecture
"On Constitutional Disobedience"
Sept. 20, 2012
Speaker: Louis Michael Seidman, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Constitutional Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Constitutional Law Lecture
"The Transformation of Judicial Restraint"
Feb. 16, 2012
Speaker: Pamela Karlan, professor, Stanford Law School

Constitutional Law Lecture
"The Executive Unbound: After the Madisonian Republic"
Oct. 20, 2011
Speaker: Eric Posner, professor, University of Chicago Law School

2011 Constitution Day Lecture
"Constitutional Rights Ten Years After 9/11: Has Everything Changed?"
Sept. 15, 2011
Speaker: David Cole, professor, Georgetown University Law Center

Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture Series

Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture
"Exploring the Original Meaning of Article I, Section 6 of the Iowa Constitution"
Oct. 15, 2015
Speaker: The Hon. Edward Mansfield, Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

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Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture
"Does the Iowa Constitution Provide a Remedy in Damages to Individuals Who Have Been Harmed by its Violation?"
Oct. 23, 2014
Speaker: Roxanne Conlin, Esquire

Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture
"State Constitutional Law in Iowa: Past, Present and Future"
March 27, 2014
Speaker: The Hon. Brent R. Appel, Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture
"More Alike Than Different? A Comparison of the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions"
April 5, 2013
Speaker: Sanford V. Levinson, W. St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Centennial Chair, University of Texas School of Law

Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture
"A Pioneer’s Constitution: How Iowa’s Constitutional History Uniquely Shapes Our Pioneering Tradition in Recognizing Civil Rights and Civil Liberties"
March 8, 2012
Speaker: The Hon. Mark S. Cady, Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

Read Justice Cady's Drake Law Review article.

Constitutional Law Symposium

2018 Constitutional Law Symposium
"Is Constitutional Democracy Endangered in the U.S. and Abroad?"
April 14, 2018

Speakers:  Tom Ginsburg, Leo Spitz Professor of International Law, Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar, and Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago Law School; Elizabeth Foley, Professor of Law, Florida International University College of Law; John Reitz, Edward Carmody Professor of Law and Director of Graduate Programs and Visiting Scholars, University of Iowa College of Law; and David Stebenne, Professor of History and Law, Ohio State University

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2017 Constitutional Law Symposium
"President Obama's Constitutional Law Legacy"
April 8, 2017

Speakers: Taunya Lovell Banks, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law; Eric Berger, Nebraska College of Law; John Eastman, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law; Ambassador Stephen Rapp, The Hague Institute for Global Justice and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Center for Prevention of Genocide; Ilya Somin, George Mason University

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2016 Constitutional Law Symposium
"War Powers and the Constitution: 15 Years After 9/11"
April 9, 2016

Speakers: Stephen Griffin, Tulane Law School; Saikrishna Prakash, University of Virginia School of Law; Stephen Vladeck, American University Washington College of Law; and Mariah Zeisberg, University of Michigan

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2015 Constitutional Law Symposium
"Eyes and Ears Everywhere? Privacy in an Age of Government and Technological Intrusion"
April 11, 2015

Speakers: Geoffrey R. Stone, University of Chicago Law School; Laura Donohue, Georgetown; Gabriel Schoenfeld, Hudson Institute; and Nadine Strossen, New York Law School

2014 Constitutional Law Symposium
"The U.S. Supreme Court’s Obamacare Decision and Its Significance for the 50th Anniversary of LBJ’s Great Society"
April 12, 2014

Speakers: Robert Dallek, Stanford University Program; Neil S. Siegel, Duke University Law School; Jonathan H. Adler, Case Western Reserve University School of Law; Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School; William E. Forbath, University of Texas School of Law; and Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Harvard Law School

2013 Constitutional Law Symposium
"The U.S. Constitution and Political Dysfunction: Is There a Connection?"
April 6, 2013

Speakers: Sanford V. Levinson, University of Texas School of Law; Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research; Richard Hasen, University of California, Irvine; John McGinnis, Northwestern University School of Law; Lori Ringhand, University of Georgia School of Law; and Brenna Findley, legal counsel to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

2012 Constitutional Law Symposium
"Constitutionalism and the Poor"
April 14, 2012

Speakers: Peter Edelman, Georgetown University Law Center; John Powell, University of California, Berkeley; Frank Michelman, Harvard Law School; Julie Nice, University of San Francisco School of Law; Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute; and The Hon. Mark S. Cady, chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

2011 Constitutional Law Symposium
"Debating the Living Constitution"
April 2, 2011

Speakers: David Strauss, University of Chicago Law School; Keith Whittington, Princeton University; Rebecca Brown, University of Southern California School of Law; and Wil Waluchow, McMaster University

2010 Constitutional Law Symposium
"The Same-Sex Marriage Divide"
April 10, 2010

Speakers: Douglas Allen, Simon Fraser University; Andrew Koppelman, Northwestern Law School; Mark Strasser, Capital University Law School; Lynn Wardle, BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School; Lee Badgett, University of Massachusetts; and Maggie Gallagher, president of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

2009 Constitutional Law Symposium
"Global Perspectives on Religion, the State, and Constitutionalism"
April 4, 2009

Speakers: Abdullah An'Nain, Emory Law School; Rick Garnett, Notre Dame Law School; Frank Ravitch, Michigan State College of Law; Laura Jenkins, University of Cincinnati; Tom Farr, Georgetown School of Foreign Science; and Jeremy Gunn, director of the ACLU Religion and Law Project in D.C.

2008 Constitutional Law Symposium
"The Forgotten Constitutional Amendments"
April 5, 2008

Speakers: Randy Barnett, Georgetown Law School; Daniel Farber, University of California, Berkeley; Kurt Lash, Loyola Law School Los Angeles; Michael Kent Curtis, Wake Forest Law School; Rebecca Zietlow, University of Toledo Law School; and David Bogen, University of Maryland Law School

2007 Constitutional Law Symposium
"The 'Undemocratic' American Constitution"
April 7, 2007

Speakers: Sanford V. Levinson, University of Texas School of Law; Heather Gerken, Yale Law School; Neal Devins, William and Mary School of Law; Donald Horowitz, Duke Law School; and Saikrishna B. Prakash, University of San Diego Law School

2006 Constitutional Law Symposium
"The Role of Courts in Social Change"
April 8, 2006

Speakers: Mark Tushnet, Georgetown University Law Center; Jane Schacter, Stanford Law School; John Eastman, Chapman University School of Law and director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Claremont Institute; Gerald Torres, University of Texas Law School; and Gerald Rosenberg, University of Chicago

Law School News
October 18, 2018
Drake Law School received an A+ ranking for family law by preLaw magazine, placing Drake among the top three law schools in the nation for this field.