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Notary Service

Need to notarize your bar application or other material? The Law School offers notary service.

About Notary Service

From the Iowa Secretary of State:

"A Notary Public is a person commissioned by the Secretary of State to serve the public as an impartial and unbiased witness by identifying persons who come before the Notary. The most common function of the Notary is to witness and attest that a person signing a document is authentic."

A Notary Public can notarize legal documents but cannot offer legal advice.

How to Notarize

  1. Please review your document carefully and make sure you follow all the instructions in completing it.
  2. Do not sign or date the document unless it is only asking the notary to acknowledge the signature. If it asks the notary to indicate it was "subscribed and sworn/affirmed to me," you will need to sign and date in front of the notary.
  3. Complete all blanks in the document except the signature and date fields if these need to be witnessed by the notary. If there is a space for information that you intend to leave blank, either write "not applicable" in the space or put a line through the space.
  4. All document signers must appear personally before the notary with a valid photo ID. This is true whether the document needs to be signed and dated in front of the notary or whether the notary needs to have the signer acknowledge the signature.
  5. It is helpful to make an appointment with a notary ahead of time. When you meet with the notary be sure to have

* qualified witnesses, if required by the document
* valid photo ID for all signers, and
* the document itself, completed with the exception of the signature(s) and date if they need to be witnessed to be notarized.

Drake Law School Notaries

Note: Notary fees are waived for Drake faculty, students, and staff.

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