MS in Leadership Development

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4+1 MSLD Program for Undergraduates

Drake undergraduate students can complete their undergraduate degrees and a Master of Science in Leadership Development (MSLD) with concentrations in Leadership or Talent Development in five years. 

About the Program

The Drake University‚Äôs Masters of Science in Leadership Development (MSLD) program is designed to serve emerging and aspiring leaders in business, industry, and non-profit organizations who are interested in developing their leadership ability or developing the leadership capacity in others. Join other working professionals, from different industries and disciplines, in an interactive and collaborative learning environment.  

Gain the skills you need to become an inspiring and effective leader.


The following components make up the degree 

  • Core - there are four foundational courses required for all students
  • Concentration - students select from two concentration areas and take at least three courses within their chosen track
    • Leadership Concentration
    • Talent Development Concentration
  • Electives - students take an additional two courses from either concentration area
  • Capstone - the capstone course is taken at the end of the program and allows students to reflect on their leadership journey and apply their learning to a project or research study 

How the 4+1 Program Works  

Students would formally apply to the MSLD in their junior year. Students would complete up to three MSLD courses prior to their undergraduate graduation. During the students' fifth year, they would complete the seven remaining MSLD courses. Since the MSLD is a part-time program and courses are offered on weekends, students could start working full-time even before they finish their master's degree.


Courses are offered on weekends (Friday evenings and Saturdays) and are complemented by online materials. This flexible scheduling allows students to pursue full-time employment wherever they choose while completing their degree. The MSLD program can be completed in one year. This length offers students a cost-effective master's degree that will increase their employability and career advancement. Students can start taking courses before they graduate with their undergraduate degree. This allows valuable networking opportunities with graduate students who are already in the workforce. This mentorship strengthens the content learned in the classroom.

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