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Candidacy Petition

Filing the Candidacy Petition

Students wishing to earn a Master's degree at Drake must file a formal petition for admission to candidacy. The petition should be filed with the School of Education office early in the term in which the total enrollment in the degree program reaches 12 semester hours.

Approval of the Petition

All graduate students must have their plan approved upon completion of 12 semester hours of graduate credit in a program or further enrollment may be denied. Exceptions must have the approval of the Assistant Dean of the School of Education. To be eligible for candidacy approval, candidates must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Be admissible to the School of Education with full graduate status, which includes completion of all prerequisite courses, admissions tests, and filing official transcripts with the Graduate Admissions Office.
  2. Have completed at least twelve semester hours of acceptable graduate credit with at least a "B" average (3.0).
  3. Have filed a complete program for the degree, with the School of Education office, which carries the approval signature of your graduate advisor. This statement will include a list of courses yet to be completed for the degree and the student's plan for completing a graduate project, if required.

Candidacy petitions cannot be completely processed until all required information is furnished to the School of Education. Approved copies of the candidacy petition will be returned to the student and the student's advisor. If transfer work is to be considered, official transcripts are required before the candidacy petition will be approved.

Note: Once filed, this plan may be changed only with your advisor's consent.

Download the MSLD Candidacy Petition in a Microsoft Word document.

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