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Award Descriptions

See below for a full description of each award presented at the Adams Leadership Convocation ceremony. Ready to submit nominations? Click here and submit by April 16, 2020.

Individual Leadership Awards

Class Year Awards
Top First Years, Sophomores, Juniors (P1), and Seniors (P2). Awarded to three students in each cohort who have made extraordinary contributions to the Drake community through leadership and involvement. These students have demonstrated their commitment to make Drake a better place. Their academic and extracurricular involvement, as well as their character and approach to working with others, exemplifies the best in all Drake students.

Oreon E. Scott Award
Given annually since 1949, the Oreon E. Scott Award recognizes the most exemplary senior student leader at Drake University. Excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and involvement are hallmarks of the Oreon E. Scott Award winner. As part of their honor, the recipient will have the opportunity to speak at commencement in May. This award requires additional supporting information, including a letter of nomination and the nominee's current resumé. Detailed instructions can be found in the Adams Leadership Convocation nomination form linked above.

David Maxwell Outstanding Student Organization President/Chairperson Award
Awarded to a University-recognized student organization president or chairperson who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. This student's work exhibits creativity and innovation, enhancing the student organization and its members. The student selected for this award champions the work of others, delegates effectively, and empowers others to contribute to the work of the organization. Named in honor of former Drake University President, David Maxwell.

Outstanding Student Organization Officer
Awarded to a University-recognized student organization officer (outside of president/chairperson position) who has exhibited outstanding leadership for their organization and campus community during their term. This person has gone above and beyond their organizational responsibilities to create a positive impact. They mentor other members and are dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment in their organization.

Outstanding Residence Hall Leader Award
Awarded to a student who possesses strong leadership characteristics and exhibits an outstanding commitment to building community in their on-campus living environment. The student shows evidence of sincerely supporting their residents' personal and academic growth.

Wanda E. Everage Peer Mentor Award
This award is given to a student who has made an extraordinary contribution to the life of another Drake student or students. Most notably, their commitment to others has distinguished them as an outstanding peer mentor. This award is named in honor of Wanda E. Everage, whose 24-year career at Drake was marked by a unique passion for mentoring students and empowering them to build meaningful relationships with their peers.

Drake Outstanding Service Award: Individual
Awarded to an individual who has shown a commitment to service through sincere relationship building and community partnership. This student has provided meaningful service that has strengthened relationships between Drake University and the greater Des Moines community, and has evidence of programs, activities, and projects which have taken place throughout the 2019-2020 academic year.

Ron and Jane Olson Outstanding Global Service-Learning Student Award
Awarded to an individual or group that has demonstrated evidence of building global relationships through service-learning. The student or group has provided meaningful service  that has strengthened relationships between Drake University and a community partner (in the U.S. or abroad) while addressing a global pressing issue. This may also include, but is not limited to, international students serving alongside a Des Moines community partner. All global service-learning projects and activities described in this nomination must have taken place during the 2019-2020 school year.

Outstanding Student Organization Adviser of the Year 
This award is presented to an adviser who has served a Drake University student organization above and beyond expectation. The adviser has a strong belief in the organization, invests time and energy to support its members, and encourages the development of responsibility, leadership, personal growth and development among students. This individual may be new to the position or may have been working with the group for several years.

Student Organization Awards

Outstanding Student Organization Award
Given to a University-recognized student organization that has shown excellence in its approach, members, programs, and services during the academic year. The organization supports the leadership development of its members, seeks opportunities to collaborate with other student organizations and/or University departments, and positively contributes to the Drake University community. They are committed to actively adding value to Drake’s campus.

Drake Outstanding Service Award: Student Organization
Given to a student organization or group that has shown a commitment to service through sincere relationship building and community partnership. This organization has provided meaningful service that has strengthened relationships between Drake University and the Greater Des Moines community. All community service projects and activities described as part of this nomination must have taken place during the 2019-2020 school year.

Outstanding Educational Program Award
The Outstanding Educational Program Award is presented to a University-recognized student organization whose program(s) creatively and positively encouraged the growth of knowledge, understanding, or skill on any issue, topic, or subject among the Drake community.

Outstanding Social Program Award
This award is given to an organization that provides positive social interaction between students, demonstrates strategic planning and creativity, utilizes excellent publicity techniques to reach targeted audiences, and provides an opportunity for social connection among a significant number of Drake University students.

Outstanding Equity & Inclusion Program Award
Presented to a student organization that has demonstrated outstanding leadership on issues central to equity. This group seeks to understand voices and perspectives that are historically marginalized on campus, responding to them through the lens of inclusivity and social justice. The award recognizes efforts of a program that enhances campus climate, moving past mere tolerance of diversity and creating a culture of inclusion that sees diversity of identities, backgrounds, and ideas as fundamental to our excellence and success as an institution.

Outstanding Weekend Alcohol Alternative Program Award 
This award honors a student organization with a demonstrated commitment to offering alcohol-alternative campus events through a program, initiative, or awareness campaign.

Outstanding Collaboration Award
This award recognizes collaboration among two or more student organizations or groups on campus through co-hosting or sponsoring a program, project, or initiative. The collaboration must showcase new and innovative efforts, bringing together student groups and/or interests that may not likely intersect in effort to build and strengthen our campus community. Organizations show evidence of successfully working together to plan, execute, and evaluate their co-sponsored program efficiently.

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