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Damion Miller

Sociology major
Boston, Mass.

From the first day I arrived at Drake, relationships—with friends, my adviser, my professors, and residents (I’m a resident assistant)—have been an important part of my time here. It started when my admission counselor picked me up at the airport and will continue this year as I get a new floor of students to oversee.

I became very close with my resident assistant (RA) during my first year at Drake, which drove me to follow in her footsteps. Now in my second year as an RA, I like to think I’m developing a floor of young men and that I’m someone they can come to with their questions and problems.

I’ve made great connections through giving tours and hosting students as part of the admission coalition and as an RA. Even off campus, I’ve developed strong relationships, like with the local teacher I met during my first year. I was helping out in her classroom as part of my education major; her laid-back and easygoing attitude was unlike any instructor I’d had in the past. I’ve stayed in touch with her and hope to student-teach with her as a senior to learn from her teaching strategy and style.

Important Admission Dates

Monday-Friday - Schedule an individual visit to tour Drake

Now - Apply for Admission: Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 terms

October 17 - Campus Preview Half Day

October 18 - Campus Preview Half Day

November 2 - Politics Day

November 8 - STEM and Health Professions Day

November 8 - Music Audition Day

November 11 - Campus Preview Day

November 11 - Transfer Preview Day