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Daniel Luke Hammer

Kansas City, Mo. (by way of the Czech Republic)
Management and Organizational Leadership, International Business, and Entrepreneurial Management triple major

A Toddler with a Delta Gold Card
“I was born in Hong Kong, where my parents were missionaries. Then my family moved to Thailand, Singapore, and Germany before settling in the Czech Republic, where I grew up. When I was 13 we moved to Colorado, before transitioning to Kansas City. As a Drake student I’ve continued traveling thanks to a summer internship with Southwest Airlines. I traveled 38,000 miles to 36 different cities and over 25 states. It was unforgettable.”

Seizing the Drake Experience
“I am currently a Resident Assistant and have been a STEM Explorers Mentor for the past two semesters. This upcoming summer I will be interning with Boeing in Seattle in the world's largest building. I’ve been able to serve as chartering president of Alpha Tau Omega, and be involved in everything from D+ Improv to Enactus and the Spikeball Club.” 

A Year of Free Coffee (and Bagels)
“Some of my fraternity brothers and I came to Caribou Coffee’s grand opening in West Des Moines and won free coffee and Einstein Brothers bagels for a year. We got in line at midnight and were in line until 5 a.m. We hung out, threw around a football, and had a blast.”

Turning a Crazy Idea into Nonprofit Passion
“It all started when a buddy and I wondered how far we could walk in a day before our legs gave out. We decided that if we were going to do it, it should be for a good cause. My dad works with the Mai Ayni Eritrean refugee camp in Ethiopia. The result was Walk for the Horn—an extreme charity walk during which participants walk 34 miles, or as much of it as they can, from Drake to Iowa State University in Ames. It’s a great cause that has become a passion.”

(The next Walk for the Horn will take place on Sunday, April 17.)

Advice for College-bound Introverts
“It’s okay to freak out. There will be tough days. Expand your horizons, take some time to relax, join a club or organization, and take part in service. That’s how you get engaged and meet people. But don’t feel like you need to do everything and meet everybody. You can be you, and that is just fine. “