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Jacob McKay

Olathe, Kansas
Digital Media Production and Magazine Media double major

A thriving home

There were already a number of reasons for me to come to Drake, like the Crew Scholars program and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, but if I couldn’t picture myself on campus, then I wouldn’t have made the decision. On my first campus tour, Drake just felt like it was the perfect size, and everybody I met was very down to earth and personable, so I felt like it was definitely a place where I could not only see myself attending school but also thriving. I knew I wanted to go somewhere out of state, and Drake made out-of-state feel as welcoming as possible. 

It’s impossible to walk across campus without seeing people you know, which is something that can’t be taken for granted. Being on a small campus is a very good thing for building relationships, and small interactions in passing help add to the sense of community that can be found here. I’m involved in the Crew Scholars program, I occasionally write for The Times-Delphic, I’ve done some projects for Drake Broadcasting Systems like commentating for Drake Relays, I co-host a radio show for 94.1 The Dog, I’m involved in a social fraternity, Admission Cole-ition, and this upcoming semester I’ll be a student ambassador as well as a PMAC. I also write poetry and have a few collections out on iBooks. 

Immediate achievements

My favorite accomplishment so far at Drake has to be the radio show I co-host with my friend. We play music and have special guests, and I occasionally do impressions of people. It’s been incredibly fun, and we grew a lot as hosts as the year progressed. 

Drake is special to me because of the unique opportunities for engagement that are available here. I came in as a journalism student who didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted to do beyond that, but through opportunities like the radio show and co-commentating the Drake Relays student broadcast, I was able to figure out the areas in journalism that fit my strengths. I discovered a love for radio and TV that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I’m incredibly thankful for that because it’s had a profound effect on my professional and personal development. It’s way easier to grow as a person when you’re doing what you love surrounded by people who are equally passionate.