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Jake Bullington

Hastings, Minnesota
Multimedia Journalism major 

I always fantasized about being part of the news frenzy. As a kid I really wanted to do broadcast news and be an anchor. That desire had has led me to TV and newspaper reporting. I’m really passionate about telling people the story and being the source for people who want to know.

I chose Drake because it has a fantastic journalism school and great opportunities. I’ve been to the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, the Growth and Opportunity Party, various candidate rallies, and enough events on campus to get a well-rounded idea of what everyone in Iowa is doing around politics. 

Politics indicate the direction we’re heading and, from the perspective of a journalist, this is incredibly important. My dad always talked about politics and I’ve always been exposed to politics in one way or another. He took me to a caucus in 2003 when I was in fourth grade and in 2007 we made a road trip to Iowa and I had my photo taken at an event with President Obama—then I saw him become president.

This week I worked as an intern with CBS and helped them set up for the nationally televised debate of Democratic presidential candidates. I’ve met a lot of executive producers and heard their stories about how they got started in their organizations. Those conversations breathed further life into my hopes of becoming a journalist.


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