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Muhamad Iqbal Mohd Rafi

Economics & Finance Double Major
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

At a recent conference in Washington, D.C., my peers frequently commented on my professionalism. My response? Come to Drake and you’ll see why!

Nearly every aspect of my studies at Drake has helped me gain important skills for the future. I’ve learned how to deliver professional presentations, which came in handy when I shared my research paper in front of Ph.D. candidates, professors, and master’s students at the Academy of International Business conference in Atlanta.

I’ve strengthened my intercultural communication abilities; in the fall I helped organize a panel discussion on Islamic finance. Since many of the speakers were Muslims from Malaysia like myself, I was asked to provide guidance on navigating cultural differences. I gave advice on serving food and providing space and time for them to pray while on campus.

My relationships with professors have been key to my learning and professional development. Back home, our classes just led up to one big test period. Here, there are papers and presentations on top of the tests, which has deepened my understanding of the topics I’m studying and honed my professional written and verbal skills. My professors have helped me adjust to the extra workload and are always willing to assist me with anything.

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